Nutrition Labeling Made Easy: The Advantages of Using Nutrition Label Maker


Adding a nutrition label to any food product helps the consumer to make an informed choice that he is buying. Most food safety regulations make it mandatory to print a nutrition label and attach it to the packaging of the food.

If you are in the business of packaging food or if you run a small-scale food processing industry, you will need a nutrition label maker. The best nutrition software is one that offers you plenty of scope for customization. A well-customized label allows you to convey all the information to the end users.

Why You Should Try a Software That Makes Nutrition Labels


It Has a Ready to Use Format That Helps the Final Consumer

A nutrition label maker is a software that is quite easy to use. There are several preset designs that are ready for use. All you have to do is select a standard format. Feed in the nutrition-related facts and then get a print when all the information has been filled in the designated columns.

The standard label formats that are available with a typical label maker are quite comprehensive and easy to understand. Usually, the topmost row is dedicated to the calorie count of the foot item. The calorie count of any food is the first detail that any health-conscious individual looks for.

The calorie count of any food is the amount of energy that a packet of food can provide. Usually, an adult who does not perform any strenuous activities is expected to consume two thousand calories in a day. Now if the calorie count of any food is given right at the top of the Nutrition label, then it will be very convenient for consumers.

The consumer will be able to keep a count of the calories that he has consumed in a day. And if someone consumes a few extra calories in a day, he can burn it out by exercising. So a well-made label goes a long way in protecting the health of the end user.

Apart from the calorie content of any food packet, the standard label designs also contain columns for other nutrients like sugars, unsaturated fats, sodium, potassium, etc.

Just like consuming a definite amount of calories is necessary for proper health, a definite amount of sodium, potassium, and fats are also necessary. And most readymade nutrition labels have definite spaces to fill in details of the amount of minerals, vitamins, or fats that a food package contains.

The Nutrition Labels Are Easily Customizable


It is true that the software for nutrition labeling usually has several ready-to-use formats. However, if you wish to make some customized changes, you can easily make those changes.

For instance, the sugar content in a food item can be of two types: total sugar and added sugar. Total sugar is the sugar that is naturally present in several food products like fruits and also any sugar that may have been added during the processing.

Added sugar is the sugar content that is externally added. Now you may want the end user to know how much sugar has been added externally and how much is the natural sugar so you can include it in the label. You can always add an asterisk mark beside the sugar column and write total sugar is ten grams and include five grams of added sugar.

Again if you wish to add some additional warning to your customers that is not statutorily mandated, you can include it in the label. For instance, if you want to convey to the customer if the food is completely vegan or not or if you want to mention potential allergens, you can add that detail.

The Nutrition Labels Are Made in a Way That Is Easy to Understand

The ready-to-use labels in a nutrition label maker are designed in a manner that is easy to understand. For instance, the value of the calories for the entire packet and per serving of the food is different.

So if a packet contains enough food for four servings, all the values for calories, vitamins, and fats will have to be divided by four to get the value for one serving. So usually, the values for the nutrient content of the labels are written per serving. So the final consumer does not have to sit and calculate how much calorie or fat he consumes per bowl or cup of a food product.

The mention of minerals and fats per serving also helps the final consumer to comply with their diet charts because most dieticians prescribe food in terms of servings.Giving nutrition-related information in an easily understandable manner is all the more crucial if the food is to be consumed by an athlete or a fitness enthusiast.

Athletes have to take very good care of their diets, and slight errors can upset those dirt plans. So having nutrition labels that are easy to comprehend are particularly useful for athletes.

Label Makers Contain Essential Information like Percentage Daily Values


The percentage daily values are reference values in units like grams and milligrams to consume or not exceed in a day. They are quick indicators that help you to determine whether a food is rich or poor in a particular nutrient.



Getting a nutrient label maker is a boon for both the owners of food packaging industries and the final consumer. When you use a standard label, you are less likely to miss out on following any statutory norms. Also, you can freely customize the way in which you present the information to the consumer. So you can add extra columns and extra rows as per your liking and add additional information by making wise use of the asterisk mark.

Also, a standard form of a label is easy to understand for all consumers. And if you are required to follow a strict diet to maintain good health for your athletic fitness, a standard design label makes your life easy.

Written by Alana Harrington