Best AR-15 Kits: Top 5 Picks for 2024


One of the most popular rifle models on the market right now is undoubtedly the AR-15. The civilian version of this rifle, which was originally developed for military usage, is popular with gun aficionados, hunters, and competitive shooters. As a result of the modular design of the AR-15 platform, shooters may modify their guns.

Building your own gun is the most personal thing you can do. A bespoke rifle was formerly the exclusive property of gunsmiths and those with the cash to rent one. Not anymore, thanks to the AR-15’s introduction and the abundance of aftermarket components and attachments. Building an AR-15 is simple and reasonably priced.

There are a few things to think about before starting the AR-15 construction experience. Your degree of expertise and familiarity with the AR-15 platform will influence some of these elements. For beginners planning to build their first AR-15, Mid State Firearms recommends purchasing a kit. A kit guarantees that you have every component necessary to construct a firearm without incident. I’m going to look at some of the AR-15 construction kits that I believe are the best ones available in this post.

Selecting an AR-15 Build Kit: Best Five Options


Before you begin purchasing your AR-15 kit, there are a few things to consider, especially if this is your first AR-15 kit.

  • Set A Budget – Make a budget before you do anything else. Determine the amount you wish to spend. Setting a budget for your build will aid in preventing chaos. Otherwise, you can discover that you end up buying your parts much more expensively than you anticipated.
  • Decide On Your Rifle Style – You may narrow down the style and kind of kit you want to purchase by having an idea of how you want your AR-15 to appear once you’ve finished assembling it. Before you start putting the pieces for the finished functional rifle together, you’ll need to have your paperwork in order if you want any of the versions that call for a federal tax stamp.
  • Choose a Caliber – Almost as many caliber options are available for an AR-15 platform as there are attachments and styling options. The.223/5.56 chambering is the most widely used option. We shall concentrate on the.223/5.56 caliber in this essay.
  • Kits or Assembled Sections – You may absolutely start by purchasing individual components if you’re ambitious. On the other hand, if this is your first construction, we do not advise trying to put together an AR-15 by buying individual components. While you could make a little financial cut, your rifle’s dependability can suffer. We advise purchasing a kit. These entirely disassembled components are offered as an alternative to operational components that only require assembly and the closure of the disassembly pins.

Ups and Downs

There are upper and lower assemblies on Ar-15s. The barrel, upper receiver, and bolt carrier assembly make up the upper assembly. The rod is freely accessible and not serialized. The trigger control group, buffer tube, spring assembly, and fuse are all parts of the lower receiver. The serial number is located on the bottom receiver, which may only be purchased from an authorized gun dealer.

Assembled Tops – Bolt Carriers and Barrels


The contents of the kit should be given extra consideration when buying a great construction kit. The bolt carrier group is frequently excluded from kits sold by businesses that offer barreled upper receivers. There is nothing wrong with it, but it might be annoying when you assemble your parts and discover that the bolt carrier clusters are missing.

The headroom problem is one advantage of purchasing an upper receiver with the barrel already attached. The distance between the bolt’s face and the chamber’s shoulder is known as the clearance. If the distance is too small, carbon will build up in the gap and the cannon will probably stop working after many rounds.

If there is too much room, the cartridge can pop out of the chamber. A cartridge that is recoiling might harm the breech or malfunction. Before packing and selling their upper barrel assemblies, the majority of reliable dealers will check the clearance.

You may buy passage gauges if you wish to install your barrel yourself. While not pricey, Headspace may be tiresome and annoying. Simply purchasing an upper receiver with the barrel and headspace fitted is significantly simpler in my opinion.

To The Good Things

With that knowledge in mind, let’s move on to the important stuff and look at some of what I consider to be the greatest AR-15 construction kits on the market. I’ll examine both the top and bottom kits. Remember that my decisions could not satisfy your requirements and expectations. Additionally, you ought to conduct study and choose your course of action accordingly.

Best Unassembled AR-15 Kit – Palmetto Arms Rifle Kit Review


My go-to supplier for the most recent AR-15 builds I’ve created has been Palmetto Arms. My business has been won because to excellent customer service, high-quality kit components, and affordable rates. This US-based business prioritizes high-quality components that are procured as locally as feasible to provide complete process control.

Even the most experienced AR-15 builder won’t be dissatisfied with the Palmetto Arms PSA 16′′ Carbine Kit. Almost anyone will be persuaded by a quick glance at the components and features that come with it that they are high-quality kits creating a high-quality rifle.

  • Steel barrel 4150V chrome-molybdenum chambered for 5.56 NATO
  • 1:7 torsion barrel with M4 barrel extension
  • Carbine-length gas system with a low-profile gas block
  • Treated with Nitride to increase durability and extended life
  • M-Lock Freefloat barrel rib & A2 flash hider
  • M4 feed ramps amended into upper receiver
  • The stem is forged from 7075-T6 A3 and features a black hard-anodized coating
  • The barrel, standoff, and ejection port cover are already fitted on the rod when it is sent pre-assembled.
  • Comes with a lower receiver components kit, charging handle, and a full bolt carrier assembly.
  • Complete with track mounting and existing gas system.
  • The bottom receiver must be purchased separately and is not included.

These kits appeal to me for various reasons. These kits have the advantage of combining components that are known to function well together, which is especially advantageous for beginning AR-15 builders. Palmetto Armory offers assistance to the novice builder when issues occur. You may easily get back on track by calling someone who is familiar with and knowledgeable about AR-15 builds.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk