What Material is Best for a Smoothie Cup? – 2024 Guide


Smoothie is a refreshing sweet snack you can consume whenever you feel hungry. You can even store the prepared smoothie and consume it later when required. The cups for storing and drinking smoothies are available in different materials.

When you keep the drink in the freezer or long time, its taste changes. It happens when the material of the container is not of good quality as it oxidizes the drink. Therefore, you should know about the materials used to manufacture smoothie cups.

If you want to maintain the nutritional value of your drink, then it is better to find a good-quality smoothie cup and store it in it. This write-up will teach you more about the materials used to manufacture smoothie cups. You can buy the best one without compromising the taste and nutritional value of the ingredients.

Materials for Smoothie Cups

  1. Glass
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. BPA-free Plastic
  4. PLA disposable

Perfect Way of Storing Smoothies in a Fridge


Generally, you need a cup with a lid to keep your favorite smoothie in the fridge. The lid must be sealed tightly to avoid air or moisture oxidization. You can prefer a container of any material of your choice. You must remember to fill the drink to the top of the container to avoid any space for air locking.

Many times, the jars trap air, and it slowly oxidizes the ingredients and changes the taste. You need to pour the drink slowly into the container and do the following things:

  1. Place and seal the lid tightly and put it in the fridge. When you are hungry or ready to drink it completely, only open the lid and consume it within a few seconds.
  2. It is better to add some lemon juice to the smoothie top. Lemon is a perfect Vitamin C source and helps prevent oxidation. If possible, you must squeeze the lemon while blending the ingredients. Somehow you need to remember to add, you can do it now.
  3. Different ingredients or components separate when you store any smoothie in a fridge for a long time. It is hard to get the exact taste you expect if you do not stir or shake well. Before you take a sip, make sure that you shake or stir the smoothie very well to get a good taste.

Time Duration for Smoothie Storage

You can prepare and store smoothies for two to three days. You will see specific changes when it starts getting oxidized. If you observe the drink becoming brown or smells bad, you must avoid consuming it.

The oxidized drink loses its nutritional value and is no longer healthy for you. But at the same time, it can ruin your health and make you sick. Therefore, you need to know the days you store the drink in the fridge.

Method to Store Smoothies for a Week or More


If you want to store your favorite smoothie for more than three days or over a week, you must freeze it. It is possible to prepare a large jug of drink at once, but you can only consume some in a single day. Storage is the perfect solution if you need more time to prepare the drink daily. When you keep the container in the freezer, it will remain fresh for many days.

You can drink it every day. But ensure to take out a single jar or container at once. There are many ways to freeze smoothies. You can keep them in a container of any material and put them in the freezer. You can also make ice cubes and defrost them whenever you drink them.

But if there is not enough space in the freezer, you must store it in Ziploc bags. You can also make healthy popsicles by freezing smoothies and consuming them whenever necessary. The frozen smoothie can be consumed as ice cream, slush, etc.

Which Smoothie Cup Material is the Best?

Generally, you will find smoothie cups in materials like stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, PLA disposable or glass. The best materials are glass and stainless steel. But it is okay if you prefer BPA-free plastic, as it requires proper cleaning and sterilization.

If you prepare and drink a smoothie instantly, it is okay to grab any material of your choice and budget to enjoy your healthy drink. But if you desire to store it, make sure you choose stainless steel or BPA-free. It is not easy to store glass containers in the freezer because it is fragile and can break easily.

For regular use, glass containers can be mishandled. It is better to go with the stainless steel material because it is perfect for drinking and storing smoothies at any temperature. The disposable ones are used once and then need to be thrown. It cannot be used for long-term storage.

If you are confused about picking the perfect smoothie cup, you must purchase a cup made with stainless steel. It is easy to clean, non-fragile, and used for storage in fridges, freezers, etc. But the lid should be of good quality and seal the top tightly. With time, you need to change the lid as it will let the air pass and start rusting the metal.

You can also prefer a BPA-free plastic cup with a tight sealing lid, but it must be adequately cleaned. With time, you can see the change in the color of the container and hence, you need to replace it. Therefore, every material has its pros and cons.

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You can pick as per your choice and budget.


The Bottom Line

Smoothie cups are made with different materials. Every material is best in a different way. It is your choice and requirements to pick the perfect one.

It is necessary to know detailed information about different materials and consider the need to store smoothies for a few days. As per your needs, you can choose the appropriate material and enjoy your healthy drink.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk