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15 Types of Bikes Based on The Road – Do You Know Them All?


If you are looking for a bike, you have come to the right place. There are many types of cycles with features for different purposes. Whether you plan to use your cycle for racing, commuting, or casual outings, there is a bike for everyone. Read on to learn more about the different types of bikes and which one you should buy.

1. Road Bikes

Easily identified by the drop or turned-down handlebars and skinny, smooth tires, these bikes are best for traveling fast on smooth pavement. The lightweight handlebars help you in aerodynamic position making this bike particularly suitable for racing, fitness-riding, or even daily commuting.

However, these bikes may be uncomfortable to ride on unpaved trails, nor are they suitable to carry heavy loads.

2. Mountain Bikes

They are especially designed to ride through rough terrain. The shock-absorbing quality and strong braking system make it ideal for steeper terrain.

These bikes can navigate well over obstacles and loose dirt thanks to the 29-inch wide knobby tires. Furthermore, they are equipped with flat handlebars, suspension, and visit here rugged components and frames, further enhancing their abilities.

3. Gravel Bikes


In the early days of cycling, cyclists traditionally changed the slick road tires for knobbier tires to train during the winter with rough terrain.

They are similar to cyclocross bikes in their function but vary in their geometry and design. Unlike gravel, cyclocross bikes aren’t equipped to carry heavy loads or gears. Moreover, gravel bikes have smaller, wider tires that are more suited to leisure cycling on various terrain than cyclocross tires designed to provide high-intensity performance during a race.

You can visit here to find this year-round bicycle suitable for any terrain when you wish to go on an off-road excursion.

4. Electric Bikes

An increasingly popular choice for bikes, electric bikes come with many perks. The electric motors in the bicycle give you a boost when you peddle, allowing you to go faster and ride easier on uneven terrains. Most bikes, like mountain and road bikes, have an electric version.

5. Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross, aka cross or cx bikes for short, have drop handlebars similar to road bikes. These bikes are perfect for a mixed surface course, including paved and unpaved roads, grass, and gravel. They have wider tires to provide traction as well as specially designed brakes to prevent mud build-up.

6. Touring Bikes

This type of road bicycle is suitable for long-distance travel. Their sturdy frames and lower gear ranges allow heavy-duty riding across steep terrains with weighty cargo. They have multiple attachment points for fenders, lights, racks, pumps, and water bottles.

Moreover, they also contain disc brakes that they can stop easily and semi-knobby tires specifically capable of handling non-paved, gravel roads.

Although they have drop handlebars, they have a frame that allows the rider to sit more upright.

7. Adventure Road Bikes


The most versatile type of road bike is all road or any road bike. They have drop handlebars and wider tires similar to cyclocross bikes, although their frame design is more upright and longer. These bikes are perfect for commuting, light touring or long days in the saddle.

8. Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

As the name suggests, Triathlon bikes are designed for racing, maximizing their aerodynamic features.  To reduce the wind resistance, the handlebars are positioned to allow you to crouch forward.

9. Mountain Bikes

They are designed with low gears, wide knobby tires to go over steeper terrain, and a high-functioning braking system and competent shock absorbers. The flat handlebars, suspension, rugged frame, and components make it suitable for cycling across the rocky mountain trail over rocks and bumps.

10. Hybrid Bikes

Combining the advantages of both mountain and road bikes, hybrid bicycles have padded seats with upright handlebars. The comfortable riding position coiled with medium-width, semi-smooth tires makes them ideal for traveling over paved and unpaved bike trails.

They are ideal for short-distance, casual riding. The front suspension of hybrid bikes allows them to go over small bumps.

11. Cruiser Bikes


A favorite among bike enthusiasts for their colorful array of models sure to fit your style, cruiser bikes are ideal for commuting over flat and paved roads.

Similar to hybrid bikes in design and comfort, cruiser bikes are, as the name suggests, for short-distance, laid-back rides. They have balloon tires and handlebars that keep the rider upright. They have the old-fashioned coaster brake and are modeled in 3-speed or single-speed, so cyclists must be careful while riding to ensure road safety.

12. BMX Bikes

Bicycle Motor Cross or BMX for short are single-speed bikes for short dirt tracks. These bikes are popularly used to perform jumps and tricks. Their durable frame with twenty-inch wheels is the reason behind their strength. The low maintenance aspect makes it popular.

13. Folding Bikes

These bikes are excellent for traveling. They have adjustable latches or foldable saddles, handlebars, and frames so that they can easily be tucked into a carrying bag minimizing the storage space required. As you can easily fold them, these portable bikes can be carried in the car trunk, boat, or subway.

Although they have smaller wheels than the standard bike, the benefits outweigh the cons.

14. Recumbent Bikes


The most comfortable bike on the list would be the recumbent bicycle. This is thanks to their low design and seats with backrests with two, three, or four wheels. They also have under and above-seat steering and different configuration settings for long and short wheelbases. Moreover, the rider must properly rest against the backrest to turn a large gear effectively as a seated leg press.

Despite the comfort, these bicycles are unsuitable for pedaling up hills or being carried in motor vehicles.

15. Adult Tricycles

The great thing about cycles is that it isn’t restricted by age. The older generation can easily get around and do their errands using adult trikes. They are also beneficial for those with special needs or have balance issues.


With such a wide array of bikes, there will surely be a bicycle for every rider. Each bicycle has its pros and cons and features suited for specific functionality. Before you select your bicycle, browse through them to find the one that fits your needs.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk