CBD Capsules vs Other Forms of CBD – Which Is Right for You


CBD is a wonderful natural supplement that’s proving very popular in the wellness space. When the cannabinoid first emerged on the scene, it was only available as an oil; enter CBD oil, the trademark of the CBD industry.

However, many other forms of CBD have entered the market over the years, such as CBD capsules. Convenience and ease of use are the big allures of such products, like Premium Jane CBD capsules.

Nonetheless, CBD pills are not for everybody, with some users preferring something tastier, like gummies. It all comes down to personal needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Which CBD form is right for you? Is it CBD capsules, or could it be something else?

What are the Forms of CBD Available?

First, let’s explore the different CBD formats available to choose from. Remember that this is not an exhaustive list since some brands may have unique CBD formats, so here are the most popular types of CBD products you can expect to find.

  • CBD Oil: CBD oils or tinctures are the flagship product of the market. Initially, this was the only CBD format offered, with no other choices. Oils are taken sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue, or they can be added to certain foods and drinks.
  • CBD Capsules: Also called CBD pills or tablets, CBD capsules contain a pre-measured CBD dose and are swallowed with a glass of water.
  • CBD Edibles: The most popular type of CBD edible is gummies. Like capsules, each tasty gummy contains a predetermined amount of CBD. Other edibles include cookies, chocolate, lollies, and drinks like coffee or water.
  • CBD Topicals: Unlike the above products you ingest, topicals are applied externally on the body and provide targeted relief. Types of topicals include creams, balms, salves, and lotions.
  • CBD Vape Oil: As you can probably guess, CBD vape oil is designed for vaping. It’s also called CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice.

With so many different products, figuring out which is best for you can be difficult. But if you know the use of each product, what it’s designed for, and how to use it, it’s a lot easier to decide.

What CBD Form Is Right for Me?


Different CBD products are crafted for different purposes. The right product for you largely depends on your reasons for using CBD and what you want to achieve from your CBD experience. Let’s analyze the different products and outline why you might choose each one.

CBD oils and tinctures

Oils and tinctures are available in the largest range of concentrations, ranging from low to very high. Certain brands offer bottles containing up to 5,000mg of the cannabinoid!

Moreover, since the user measures the dosage, it can be easily adjusted to your needs. Also, when taken sublingually (under the tongue), the CBD travels to the bloodstream more quickly, meaning the effects are felt more rapidly than other forms of CBD.

CBD oil is great for those looking to address certain issues, like stress or pain, rather than just using it as a wellness supplement. As the dosage is customizable, you might prefer oils if you wish to experiment to find out what constitutes an ” effective ” dose easily.

The downside of oils is that they’re less convenient since the user has to measure the dose, which can be tricky.

CBD capsules


CBD capsules eliminate the hassle of oils. Each capsule contains a specific amount of CBD, so you know exactly how much you take. They’re easy to consume as and when needed, wherever you are.

You’ll probably enjoy CBD capsules if you want a hassle-free method of using the cannabinoid. The dosage is pre-measured, and there is no taste or texture to concern yourself with.

One downside is that, unlike CBD tinctures, you can’t customize the dose. So, if a brand only sells 25mg capsules and you want to consume less, you must find a different product.

CBD edibles

CBD gummies and other edibles are similar to CBD pills because they are pre-dosed with CBD. They’re also easy to take while on the go. The difference is that they provide a more fun and exciting way to consume CBD.

Generally, CBD capsules and gummies are an excellent choice for supporting general health and wellness or managing mild to moderate stress. Since the products are pre-dosed, taking the same amount of CBD daily is easy, so you can build up a steady and effective CBD routine.

Also, even though each piece has a specific amount of cannabidiol, you can try half or even a quarter of a gummy.

The downside of capsules and edibles is that there is a delay in the onset of effects because the digestive system must process them before making their way into the bloodstream.

CBD topicals

CBD topicals have a more specific use. They’re applied externally to problem areas on the body to provide targeted relief. Typically, topicals are designed to help manage joint or muscle pain or to soothe dry or irritated skin.

Therefore, you’re better off using a cream or salve to target a specific area for focused relief. According to scientific data, transdermal CBD helps reduce inflammation.

The main con associated with CBD topicals is that measuring the dosage is extremely difficult.

CBD vape products


With CBD vape products, you benefit from fast-acting effects. Indeed, some users claim they feel the cannabinoid working within a matter of seconds. Also, vaping offers a higher bioavailability than other commercially available forms of CBD.

One downside of vaping is the possible negative effects on health. Vaping is generally recognized as being safer than smoking, but researchers have highlighted some concerns.

Final Thoughts

Each of us has unique health and wellness needs and thus uses CBD for different reasons. Specific CBD products may appeal to you depending on why you use CBD.

CBD capsules are an excellent choice for busy people who need an easy and timely way to take CBD. Moreover, they’re great for building a consistent routine to support wellness over time.

CBD oils are better suited for those who use the cannabinoid for a few reasons and need to adjust the dosage intermittently – as and when required. On the other hand, topicals provided target relief, rendering them useful for pain and skin problems. Finally, vaping provides rapid relief, making it ideal for someone who urgently needs to feel the benefits of cannabidiol.

Ultimately, you must figure out your main concerns and what you want CBD to do for you to determine the right CBD product.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk