How to Choose an Online Law School


These days, if you want to change careers but have a full schedule or can’t afford to quit your current work, earning your law degree online may be the best option for you. It is not as time-consuming or pricey, especially when you take into consideration the money that you will be saving on gas. Want to know some other major factors and ways on how you can choose the right type of law school? If so, keep on reading and find your answers down below.

What is an online law school?

Individuals who desire to begin a legal career or further their existing one can do so by enrolling in an online law school.

These online institutions provide a legal education that is comparable to that of traditional universities.

Online law degrees prepare students for careers in law as well as adjacent fields such as technology, business, and more.

Students at online law schools can have access to legal education through the use of the internet.

They also have lectures, case law studies, homework, and discussions via video conferencing.

How to select the right school for you?


When deciding whether or not to admit an applicant, most law schools consider their undergraduate GPA as well as their LSAT scores.

Although no specific pre-law degree is required to enter law school, many colleges and universities offer online undergraduate degree programs that provide students with the skills that law schools seek.

What you should know about an online associate of science pre-law program?

Nowadays, there are a ton of online programs that one can go for. The truth is that most schools and colleges are turning to this online route, which is why you can find a ton of schools with impressive options. Online school is made for students who want to go to a 4-year college after they finish. Most of the time, this is an online program that can be done entirely on the Internet.

It has classes that one has to take, such as:

  • Methods of statistics
  • The federal government of the U.S.
  • S. history up to now

What are some online law school career paths that you can take

1. A judge

To become a judge, you need a legal degree, a state license, and years of practice. Some states require judges to complete continuing education courses.

2. Lawyers abroad

Online law school graduates can enhance their careers in banks, enterprises, government agencies, or legal firms.

3. Ministers

Government employees with the right degree can apply for jobs with the GAO, the State Department of Justice, and other federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Law school prerequisites online are also important


Regular and online law school applications are quite similar as you take and fulfill them. Before applying to your new online school, you should know what’s required and how to improve your prospects. Keep an eye out for the following set of requirements:

1. B.A.

The right educational school requires an accredited bachelor’s degree.

JD is a postgraduate degree, hence applicants must have an undergraduate degree.

2. Exam period

Most law schools require LSAT (LSAT).

The LSAT has 175 questions and scores range from 120-180.

3. Thesis

Personal statements are required for most school applications across the world. Personal statements may demand specific enquiries or open-ended answers.

What are some online law school advantages?

Traditional schools’ escalating costs have led many to doubt their value. Nowadays and usually, these schools cost $28,000 annually, whereas private schools cost $49,000. Many legal students are in debt due to price hikes and constant changes in the system.

Online legal degrees have many benefits, including decreased tuition fees. This is why you should find the best type that suits your budget and your level of education, along with personal preference.

What are you options when it comes to jobs abroad

An online LLM would be helpful for a career overseas.

Graduates can use their LLM in the US and overseas.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students learn the basics through a single curriculum.

Graduates can specialize with an SJD or LLM.

Business law and entertainment types are online school specializations that students can pick from in most colleges.

A simple career change is possible at any given moment. It just comes down to picking something that suits you, and where this degree is needed.

Online law degrees might help you boost your career or transfer fields. Earning an LLM not only enhances your knowledge but also strengthens your résumé in the long-run for any upcoming businesses or fields.

Also, online legal schools allow students to work while studying.

Online learners have more time than traditional students, which allows them to live a productive and happy life, which is fully organized.

Certain firms may pay a portion of online tuition if it increases employee knowledge and output.

Flexibility is what everyone needs


Online schools provide learners convenience and flexibility.

Physical law schools require weekly lectures, constant practices and communication with your colleges.

Online system of learning allows students to learn from home, a café, or their office.

Online law schools are more flexible, inexpensive, and accessible, but graduates cannot take the bar exam and practice law the moment they are done with their college.

If you plan to attend law school online, verify if you may take the bar exam and practice in your location without an ABA-accredited Juris Doctorate.

You can’t practice law in ABA-accredited states.

So, do you want to study law?

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Written by Kan Dail