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The Top 5 Dating Deal-Breakers in 2024: Revealed by a Massive Survey


Get the most out of online dating by avoiding the five biggest dating deal-breakers in 2024! But how do you do this and what are dating deal-breakers?

Lucky for you, #Dating has the answers through a recent survey “Decoding Dating: Analyzing 4 Million replies on partner preferences and dating”. This beloved dating app discovered the top red flags for singles today!

So, if you don’t want to spend the festive season alone, let’s get into it.

A Lack of Sense of Humour

Today’s singles want to enjoy the first date with someone they can laugh with and crack a few jokes. Fortunately, #Dating is one of the best dating platforms to make finding love fun and easy! Games like This or That and Photo Duel are just some of the ways people enjoy this app, and get a few giggles while finding their pair.

And, thanks to their survey, we know that 68% of men prefer a potential match who laughs at playful humor, and only 32% would mind someone who laughs too loudly compared to not laughing at all.

What’s more surprising is that men find a lack of sense of humor three times worse than having no job – so, you need to let loose and initiate playful conversations with your date.

Practicing Bad Habits at The Table


Table manners are crucial, and more so when you’re going out with a potential lifelong partner. #Dating found that both men and women believe there is nothing worse than picking your nose at the table. And we agree!

Overall, you should be respectful during your night out and put your best foot forward to avoid offending your date. This means steering clear of bad habits similar to picking your nose, like belching, scratching your hair, picking your teeth, or cleaning your nails. These are all activities you want to keep behind closed doors!

Besides coming off unkempt, you should avoid making inappropriate comments, being rude to your server, and taking a bite of your date’s food without asking. How you convey yourself during your first date reflects what your partner can expect in the long run.

Paying More Attention to Your Phone Than Your Date

The point of a first date is to get to know each other, so keep your phone at bay. The survey discovered that males and females would prefer to go out with someone they consider cringe-worthy rather than a date who is always on their phone. In addition, both genders would opt for a partner who is not on social media as opposed to someone who is constantly on Instagram, Snapchat, or similar platforms.

Instead of texting, give your date your undivided attention and ask meaningful questions to initiate conversations that reflect your interest. Around 60% of men and women enjoy deep conversations over small talk. By the same means, both groups would also love to stay and get to know their dates for hours rather than keeping it short.

Not Initiating Conversation


In addition to paying your date enough attention, you should initiate conversation. A whopping 71% of females and 60% of males in this survey confirmed they dislike going out with someone who shares too little vs. too much.

Both groups equally prefer extroverted personalities that keep the conversation going, besides opting for “thinkers” over “feelers”.

But here’s the problem – not everyone is outgoing and chatty, and many singles are shy and find it challenging to maintain a conversation. So, how do you overcome this?

If you’re shy or struggle to maintain a conversation, follow these tips:

  • Ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.
  • Ask follow-up questions to get to know your date and keep them chatting.
  • Pose personal questions, like your date’s interests, hobbies, family, professional life, and goals.
  • Before your date, consider aspects of yourself you would like to share with a potential partner and form talking points.

Double Dating With Your Parents

We know that you want to enjoy the holiday season with all your loved ones. However, the first date is probably too soon to introduce your parents to your potential significant other.

Unsurprisingly, the survey shows that both men and women would freak out if their dates brought their parents.

And the ultimate question is – why would you want to bring your parents to your first date anyway?

Remember, the first time you and a match go out is the first opportunity to get to know each other and determine if there is a spark. Avoid pressurizing yourself or your date by adding parents to the mix!


Avoid Losing Love and Steer Clear of What Today’s Singles Dislike

With an app like #Dating, you have loads of features to get the best dating experience in 2024. Users can translate messages, match and chat with singles from all over the world, and break the ice over live streaming.

To get the most out of #Dating avoid the five red flags we’ve outlined in this article. Be funny and playful, steer clear of bad habits at the table, avoid texting, and initiate conversation. This app is designed to help modern daters find the perfect match and meet people who they can spend a lifetime with! By avoiding these five red flags and with the help of #Dating, finding a date to enjoy the festive season with will be a breeze!

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Written by Rebecca Eulikk