Decoding Wine Personalities: What Your Wine Choice Says About You

Do you love to drink alcohol, or even more-so specifically, wine? Can your personality be inferred from the wines you choose to drink? If you’re a wino, you probably have a bottle that you always reach for and order when at a restaurant or at a store. Is there more to it than personal preference? A survey by French Wines with Style suggests that the answer is “yes.” With years and as time goes by, our personal preferences and taste buds change. Your taste in color may be a more accurate reflection of who you are than you realize. Here is what your favorite wine can tell about you.

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Decoding Wine Personalities: What Your Wine Choice Says About You: Top 6 Options


1. Merlot


Who doesn’t love a good old Merlot? It is often a staple for loads of men and women, especially foreigners. If Merlot is your preferred beverage, you are a seasoned, established classic. You have a ton of little black dresses, and you frequently wear heels to work. If you are a guy, you probably love to suit up. Despite having an extremely busy schedule, you don’t mind being continuously on the go. You’re not like those people who only drink cabernet and can’t change with the times. You have strong opinions and personal values, which prevent you from being a doormat while being sociable. In the grand scheme of things, you’re good, playful, and fun to be around.

2. Chardonnay


Chardonnay often receives negative reviews from oenophiles. It could be overly ostentatious, unpleasant, and eager to please. Chardonnay has a big, brassy personality, and so do the folks who say, “I’ll have a Chardonnay,” without even looking at the menu. This can see as a bit stubborn and obnoxious. They never venture outside of their safe space. We don’t think it’s so bad that they won’t like your Albario or your thesis on Lars Von Trier or anything else. When going out, let a Chardonnay drinker take the helm. Get them to tell crazy stories about the time they did something crazy. Chardonnay lovers may seem a bit stiff or cockey, but they are often wild and great to hang out with.

3. Pinot Noir


This specialty drink is incredibly popular since it is a sophisticated wine substitute. You have an exquisite taste if you are one of those people who reach for this bottle. You work really hard and take satisfaction in reaching your objectives, and you don’t let others stop you from meeting your goals and making it all the way through. You are respected by those who know you and have a reputation for good judgment. You’re also a dedicated worker who also enjoys a good time. If you love dark wines and you are all about that woody aroma, Pinot Noir is your next must-have.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon


The bold flavor and rich tannin concentration of Cabernet Sauvignon are a perfect match for your boisterous yet refined personality. You’re well-spoken, refined, and a wanderlust at heart. When necessary, you can catch everyone’s attention, but you’re also content to take things easy and observe. When necessary, you will assume leadership and put everything back in order. What does this tell us about you? As you become older, you improve and strive for the best in your life, while constantly making changes. You are someone who knows how to have fun, without being over the top.

5. Malbec


When compared to comparable bottles of Pinot Noir or Merlot, this best-selling French wine offers excellent value. Anyone who wishes to occasionally unwind with a glass of wine now has access to it because it is mass-produced, contains all the essential elements of wine, and is far less expensive. Its reputation as the “Working Man’s Merlot” stems from its accessibility compared to other red wines and its widespread use in contemporary kitchens. The status quo, which is frequently regarded as boring but is actually rather crucial, is something conservators are excellent at upholding.

6. Red Zinfandel


This is a hidden gem on our list, but it is a wine worth exploring if you haven’t tried it before. Red Zinfandel is like choosing The Rolling Stones from the jukebox: It’s not completely off-putting, despite its mild edge. However, it can be a rare move to make, as not everyone is still into old-school and old-fashioned drinks. A red Zinfandel can easily find the most characterful expression of itself. Spend some time unwinding and appreciating the company of someone who appreciates red Zinfandel. Find a happy medium between staying in and exploring.

Fun fact:

The bulk of wine drinkers typically prefers only one wine type and one color. It turns out that this can reveal more about you as a person than just your taste preferences. According to a survey of regular wine drinkers in the United States, introverts were more likely to favor red wines (48%), while extroverts were more likely to prefer sparkling wines (40%). On average, respondents to the study, which was carried out by OnePoll for Barefoot Wine in honor of National Wine Day on May 25, drank five glasses of wine per week. It’s noteworthy to note that red wine drinkers prefer being outdoors, but white wine consumers are more likely to consider themselves “indoor people” (38%). So, is this applicable and appliable in your situation as well?

Written by Dare Davos