4 Popular Gambling Myths About Football Betting Most People Believe In


Since we live in a world where every piece of information is only a few clicks away from us, and our digital footprint is perhaps our new ID in the future, it’s nothing unusual that people also tend to look for fun online. Now, depending on what someone prefers and wants, there are plenty of games and interesting and funny videos, but one industry that has for quite some time been one with the largest growth is undoubtedly the gambling industry, and for two main reasons.

One of those reasons why gambling is so popular is because simply put, it’s fun, and the second one is that there is always a possibility to win some cash. When we combine these two crucial elements of gambling, and we add a third one, football, as the most popular sport and the most important of the least important things in life, we get to this point where a gambling industry is the one with the highest growth.

Know your bets


Of course, in order to actually make some money this way and not end up losing it all, some strategy, research, and avoiding classic betting traps is a must, and for that, the best way is to find a reliable website.

Yes, there are thousands of betting websites out there, and we agree that finding a trustworthy one that also offers some advice and bonuses/rewards can be challenging, but only if you don’t know where to look for it. There is no need for you to worry, as finding reliable and renowned websites like fun88 is actually pretty easy. But how to create an account?

How to register for fun88


Creating an account on the fun88 website is pretty easy, even for those who haven’t experience registering and creating an online account on some website. Namely, all you need to do is follow instructions, enter your details and you are all set.

It’s easy, accessible all the time, and, most importantly, comes with plenty of benefits, and the only thing left here is to go to check it out yourself.

If the bookmaker is the sponsor of the team, it is a sure bet


People around the world are convinced that if one football team has a sponsor and that sponsor is a bookmaker, they must always win, no matter how difficult the game is and who their opponent is. That is the reason why they always bet on these teams and lose a lot of money because of their big and unreal expectations.

It is one of the worst betting strategies because many reasons, and one of them is that the sponsor cannot impact their game, and they are just a normal team like anyone else in a league with all weaknesses and strengths. These teams play the same game as other teams in the league, which means they can also lose, and betting on them does not mean sure gain. Luckily, there are many other parameters to focus on when deciding the potential winner of the match because a better sponsor does not mean better results.

There is no way to win in the long run


Well, this just isn’t true, as yes, if someone loses few times in a row, in 9 out of 10 situations, they will say how it is all fixed and that there is no way to win money this way. That is why everyone should be aware of the fact that football games are not fixed as every football association is strictly overseeing all the events, and, in case there is something suspicious, they immediately open the investigation.

No one wants their name to be dragged through papers and online forums, and just take a look at how great of a negative impact Calciopoli had on the Italian league. That’s something no one wants, and that’s only a reason more to focus on the game you want to bet on, do your research, and be assured, winning large sums is possible.

Tipsters know all


There are many people around the world who watch and analyze football games and try to make the best predictions. Those people are called tipsters, and they do that to earn some money by selling their predictions or tips to other people who want to bet. It is not an easy job, and they spend a lot of time analyzing, but we need to be aware that football is such a game that cannot always be predicted, and we need to be careful with buying advice from tipsters.

Many of them are doing their job pretty responsible and trying to make the best prediction for the next game based on previous games of that team, but on the other side, many of them are trying to sell information that is not based on the facts. Because of that, a much better option is to watch games and try to analyze them on your own since paying for someone else prediction can cost a lot, and no one can guarantee you that you will win some money.

Avoiding high odds is a must


When we talk about football, the high odds are high for a reason, and many people avoid them all the time. To make it clear, the odds are always lower on favorites, or better said teams expected to win, while the outsiders always get the higher odds.

That means that no one expects that the outsider can win some difficult game, but what if you have the feeling that they can do it? If all the calculations are done, and you think that there is a chance that they can finish the game in their favor, then why not listen to the instinct? It may look impossible to others, but those people who believe and want to try their luck will win more money than those who always choose favorites as their sure bet. It is the main thing about football and the main reason why we love this game so much, so why not risk and support the outsiders?

Written by Harold Yoder