Getting Ready for the Ib Diploma: An 11-Step Summer Action Plan


The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a well-known programme recognized around the world. Its curriculum is aimed at graduating open-minded students with comprehensively developed thinking. While its programme is developed by experts in different educational domains and its diploma is highly recognized around the world, the institution sets high requirements for entering.

To meet its criteria and be graduated in any course, students should prepare thoroughly. If you can’t decide where, when, and how to start IB preparation, the below-listed guide will help develop an effective organised process and improve your chances of being listed among accepted students.

11-Step Summer Action Plan to Enter the Programme


Don’t you know how to start your IB programme preparation? Grab this plan so as not to waste time and prepare for exams effectively. Sticking to this guide will improve your chances of passing entrance exams with flying colours:

1. Study the IB programme thoroughly

Your path to the diploma should start with getting familiar with the IB programme. Before you dive into the IB preparation process, make sure to study its requirements, structure, duration, and objectives. Consider information about how much you should study and when, how the exam is passed, etc. Create a grounded opinion on the programme to dispel myths and doubts.

Curriculum investigation is an obligatory stop at this stage. Study disciplines to be mastered and get familiar with the key components that form the core of your IB experience.

2. Choose disciplines and proven resources on them


Discover the list of subjects provided for study and select the ones you want to master. Then, read reputable resources on these subjects to create a comprehensible outlook. Take time and surf the Internet for articles, books, and surveys in the chosen domains.

3. Develop a schedule for gradual study

The next step of IB preparation implies the allocation of the material to be studied over a certain period. Create a study schedule so that you’re sure that you manage to learn subjects by the exam.

4. Attend courses to get the maximum benefit from preparation

Here, note that you can address IB schools in Moscow. Skilled teachers work there and provide comprehensible knowledge of IB disciplines. Since such schools are concentrated on the IB preparation course, disciplines and materials are selected precisely to satisfy the requirements of IB exams.

5. Practice language skills a lot


Language is a fundamental aspect of the IB programme. Regardless of whether you speak a native or foreign language, you should constantly improve your proficiency. Read books, improve vocabulary, pay attention to news articles, develop a skillful vision of different styles, etc. The main task is to make your language rich.

6. Improve writing skills

Along with language, writing comes as another essential skill for IB programme graduates. Students write essays regularly. Thus, use your summer break effectively to refine your writing skills. Practice writing essays, by structuring them correctly and providing evidence, facts, and arguments, which makes your articles more coherent and grounded.

7. Cultivate critical thinking


Critical thinking is one more core skill for forming a reliable base for the IB diploma. It’s impossible to imagine IB programme preparation without mastering this skill. This type of thinking implies the ability to:

–   seek information and filter it for trusted and untrusted;

–   evaluate data and analyse facts;

–   develop independent thoughts based on obtained arguments and facts;

–   make connections between concepts.

Such tasks as participation in debates and solving puzzles, exploring the world help stimulate this mental activity.

8. Develop note-taking methods

Note-taking is an effective strategy for the learning process, which allows for maximising information perception. Here, such strategies as mind maps, Cornell methods, outlining, etc. are used to improve the skill.

9. Surround yourself with reliable people who believe in you


IB preparation is a stressful process. Support of beloved people is important and helps continue to achieve your goal. Thus, create a suitable social community that will instil self-confidence.

10. Continue monitoring current affairs

If you decide to apply for the IB Diploma, you should be aware of all the changes and updates that occur within the programme. Make sure to monitor the situation throughout your IB preparation course.

11. Take care of health and well-being


Remember to have rest and do not study fanatically. Although IB preparation is a responsible task, you should leave enough time for rest. Leave time for hobbies, meeting with friends, attending your favourite entertainment locations, etc. Alter study with rest.

IB diploma preparation is a long difficult task. Yet, if you decide to struggle for this target, be ready to put your socks up and work hard. In this case, you’ll succeed and be a professional graduate with a broad knowledge base.


1. Do universities recognize the IB Diploma?

Yes, the IB Diploma is a highly recognizable and reputable diploma in universities worldwide.

2. Are there resources that help prepare for your IB study?

Yes, applicants can find books and articles online. Also, offline schools and educational centres offer courses to get prepared for exams.

3. What are the ways to maintain healthy well-being during the IB Programme?

Make sure to leave enough time for rest and alter study with having fun. Meet with friends, dedicate time to hobbies, spend time with family, do sports, meditation, and practice breathing techniques.

4. Can I alter disciplines when the IB Programme starts?

Yes, it’s possible to switch between subjects. However, it leads to missing educational material on particular topics. So, it’s highly not recommended.


Written by Dare Davos