5 Everyday Habits for a Cleaner Home


Are you overwhelmed by the number of household chores you have to complete every day? It is daunting to deal with daily household chores. More so, if you skip on one task, it piles up at the end of the week. It’s tiresome, isn’t it? Not to mention you have other responsibilities to work on.

There are moments when your house is a chaotic mess. Having a clean and tidy home does not have to be stressful. You can schedule your household tasks on a weekly basis. However, if you want to have a cleaner home, you need to develop some everyday habits.

These everyday habits only take 5 minutes or so to finish. If you make these cleaning habits every day, you become more satisfied with the results and become more relaxed because you do not have to do everything at once.

Practice these 5 everyday habits to make the other household chores less daunting. Keep clutters at bay and develop a cleaning routine.

1. Make Bed


You might be in a hurry to get out of bed and head on for the morning rush. However, you might realize that you become more tired after you get home instead of being relaxed. You arrive with a crooked blanket and a messy room.

Your bed is probably the most prominent surface in your room. If it’s messy and crooked, the whole room will most likely look unorganized. Start making your bed right before you start the day. It will help you become more productive and thriving throughout the day.

Even if it is a hurried smoothing of your comforter, it will give you a sense of productivity. Let your made bed provide you with encouragement to carry through the day.

2. Wash Dishes After Cooking and Meal


Dirty dishes can drive you crazy, yet it can still be the least household chores you want to do. After cooking or eating your meal, resist the urge to do other things. The longer your dishes wait on the sink, the harder it is to clean them. If you cannot wash the dishes before work, you can rinse the plates and pans then place them in the dishwasher. Clear your sink.

Moreover, tidy up the kitchen counter. Make the surfaces clean from grease. Ensure that you will swipe the counter and sink after washing the dishes.

3. Declutter or Clean As You Go


Your home can be perfectly sanitized and cleaned, but if there are clutters everywhere, then it’s not fair to look at. Clutter makes the whole house messy and hard to clean if they pile up. Do not leave things and say you will do it in the morning because most likely, you will be busy.

You might be exhausted after a long day at work, or you need to do more essential things in the morning. Instead, devote a few minutes of your time to declutter or clean as you go. When you leave a room, take a look around. If you see something that isn’t in the right place, pick it up. It helps you bring back the tidiness of your house without exerting much effort.

4. Create a Laundry System That Suits You


Do you want to wash your clothes every day? Are you more comfortable doing it by bigger loads per week? You can create a laundry system that suits your schedule.

Some do their laundry every day. They create a habit of washing one laundry load in the morning— however, it consumes more water and energy, resulting in higher bills. Instead, you can hand wash your undergarments and socks daily and leave the other clothes in the hamper for the weekend laundry.

The only challenge with weekly laundry is dealing with a large pile of dirty clothes– yes, it’s a week worth of laundry. If you want to relax or do other things during the weekend, you can outsource your laundry to a laundry service like Liox Laundry Service. You can either drop off your laundry or have them pick up and deliver your laundry; some laundry shops offer this kind of service.

Outsourcing your laundry gives you more time to do other important tasks or provide yourself with time to relax. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the water and energy consumption bills because everything is taken care of at the laundromat.

5. Do a Quick Bathroom Clean Up


You use your bathroom every day, and that’s enough reason why you should do a quick bathroom clean up each day. Easily clean the shower area or bathtub with dishwashing soap and sponge.

Keep the necessary cleaning supplies in your bathroom organized so that you can easily get them if you are doing a quick bathroom clean up. Give your toilet, bathroom counter, and mirror a quick wipe.

Lastly, you can achieve a cleaner home if you will make the whole family involved. You cannot do everything on your own— delegate tasks to your partner and kids. You can teach them how to do household chores appropriately. You will be surprised how everything is quickly done if all of the household members participate.

Why Not Hire A Maid Service?


Not all household tasks have to be equally done. You have to prioritize. Make a list of what tasks can wait and what has to be done. But, if you make time and keep making these everyday habits, you will only do less when you do deep house cleaning.

You can easily create a cleaner home if you make these habits daily. However, if your work and other obligations do not allow you to clean your house, then hiring a maid service can be the best option for you.

You can hire Metla House Cleaning to deep clean your home once a week. Make these daily household chores a habit, and those chores that you cannot handle should be delegated to the maid service.

Make it a routine, and you will have everything sorted out.

Written by Marinelle Adams