Turning Back the Clock: How Thread Face Lifts Can Restore Youthful Contours?


Nothing can stop aging, but getting a youthful look in your old age is dermatologically possible. The thread lift method is gaining popularity everywhere, which can help get youthful facial contours. It is possible to reverse aging with non-surgical treatment.

Yes, you heard it right! No risky surgery is required to make you appear young and beautiful. This thread face lift treatment involves the use of PDO threads to lift your overall face. Small incisions are done on the marked points to insert these threads. They are placed so that it lifts your facial skin, and the collagen stimulation removes all the signs of aging.

But before you consider this procedure to enhance your facial appearance, it is mandatory to know everything about it. Undoubtedly, it is an effective cosmetic procedure, but you should know whether it will suit you. When you determine the method, you can comfortably proceed with it.

About the Procedure


It is a non-surgical treatment that uses the PDO threads. The doctor marks a few points on your face and makes small incisions. Using a needle, the doctor inserts these threads in your skin and pulls them tightly to lift your facial muscles.f


It stays the same for several days until your saggy skin gets tight, collagen production begins, and texture improves. This treatment can be done on your overall face and body parts, like the abdomen. Due to fewer side effects and less downtime, many individuals prefer this treatment. Its results last for many months to years.

It’s Working

As it is a non-surgical procedure to lift your skin, these threads dissolve completely into your skin. The threads are made with a biocompatible material, which helps stimulate collagen. When skin lacks collagen, it develops wrinkles, crows feet, etc.

Your skin gets collagen artificially through threads to remove all the aging signs. You can expect long-lasting outcomes after the method. Generally, these threads eliminate sagging from areas like the neck, jawline, etc. The procedure is conducted after injecting local anesthesia to avoid pain during the incisions and inserting these threads with the needle.

Who Can Consider the Treatment?


Everyone with aging signs cannot consider this procedure. One must check several factors to determine whether he is the ideal candidate for this process.

  • Skin Laxity

An individual’s skin laxity should range from moderate to mild. This process can occur when your skin is about to sag or in the beginning phase. You cannot consider this procedure if your whole face is sagged completely. In such cases, the treatment will not work effectively, and you will not see noticeable changes. Therefore, people with severe sagging of skin are not the perfect fit.

  • Healthy Skin

You should have healthy skin with no risk of inflammation or any infection. In any medical condition, the healing becomes slow, and it is hard to get the desired results. The cosmetic expert will inspect your skin completely before conducting this method.

  • Age

This treatment can be done on individuals with age from 30 to 60. There is no specific ideal age, which completely depends on an individual’s health situation.

  • Treatment Areas

The cosmetic surgeon can opt for the PDO threads on different face areas like the jawline, neck, etc. One should consult the doctor if there is any concern regarding any focused area.

Its Benefits

  • No Surgery

This non-surgical method gives the same immediate results as the surgery. The downtime is also minimal, and it is done after injecting local anesthesia.

  • Quick Process

The entire thread lift process needs 30 to 45 minutes to perform. Admitting to a hospital for days is unnecessary because you can go home after the treatment.

  • Quick Results

The threads are attached with small hooks on your skin. It gives a perfect lifting look just after the treatment. You will see immediate results after the process.

  • Collagen Stimulation


These PDO threads are quite dissolvable and produce collagen in the skin cells. It enhances the firmness and elasticity of the skin with time.

  • Better and Long-lasting Outcomes

These threads will completely dissolve in your face in a few days, giving better and long-lasting results due to collagen production. You can expect to have a youthful look for more than two years.

  • Versatility

Skin tightening can be done in different parts of your face and neck. It is easy to target eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, etc. Therefore, it is a versatile cosmetic procedure to lift all your facial muscles without surgery.

  • Fewer Side Effects

Due to fewer side effects, this treatment is gaining popularity globally. You can experience swelling, discomfort, and bruises. In severe cases, your face appears red and stiff, and your skin texture becomes even. There are rare chances of infections with such minimal non-surgical methods.

But your doctor will explain all the side effects before conducting the process. It is mandatory to consult a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic expert to get better results with fewer side effects.

Final Thoughts


A thread facelift is an effective treatment to eliminate the skin sagging from your face. These dissolvable threads produce collagen and help you get a youthful look. When the threads are pulled or lifted upwards, they are attached through hooks.

Immediately, it starts dissolving, and you will see noticeable changes after the treatment. It is better than a surgical process as it can cause severe side effects. Due to long-lasting results, many prefer this technique to obtain a beautiful and youthful face. After the process, all the wrinkles, fine lines and sagging will disappear.

You will appear young and attractive. But doing after-care as your doctor suggests for quick healing is mandatory. Before making any quick decision, it is better to consult your cosmetic expert and know whether you are the right individual for this method. If you clear the tests, you can go for it and have youthful contours without surgery.

Written by Yasir Powell