Unleash Your Inner Keno Lottery Wizard: Strategies for Winning Big


Keno lottery is a popular game that was originally invented in China. Fans wanting to play this simple and exciting game can easily dive in. The rules are simple enough to understand and very much like other similar games. Some good examples include Lotto and Tambola, another popular game that people of all ages play in India. Of course, in the adult version, like Keno, you’ll place bets on the probability of the numbers that will be declared.

Playing Keno Online is Easy – Download the App

Experimenting with Keno lottery is quickly done by downloading a reputable online casino application. You’ll sign up with a username and password and link your payment portal to the app. After selecting the initial deposit amount, you’re ready to wager the initial bets and start playing. Most online games have a selection of variations and themes to keep players engaged and interested. You can expect to play bonus rounds in between to win some extra money., for instance, free spins where you can multiply your money quickly.

Getting Started

A typical Keno card has numbers listed from 1 through 80. Players must select random numbers from the card by clicking on them. Most pick between 1 and 15 numbers. You can now select the amount you wish to bid on the numbers. You’ll notice your account balance on one side with the minimum bet you can place. On the right of the board, you’ll see the winning options listed. Depending on the rules of the particular site, you may have to get a selected number of winning combinations to win.

For instance, 0, 4, 5, 6, 8, and so on. So, if none of your numbers are selected, you win a specific bet. However, if 2 or 3 numbers are selected, you won’t win anything. Then again, if 6 of your numbers are selected, you’ll win the pre-determined multiples. But, if 7 numbers are selected, you won’t win at all.

Raising the Wager


Each time you play a round, you’ll wager a specific amount of money. For instance, say you’ve picked out 12 numbers on the card and bet Rs.10. If the stakes are in multiples of 5, a winning combination will win Rs.50. Going with the earlier example, if you’ve bet Rs.10 and you have 8 of your numbers declared, you’ll win 8 times the wager or Rs.80. The higher the wagering amount, the higher will be the winnings. Of course, the rules and rewards vary according to the site where you’re playing. You might want to read up on them before starting the game.

How the Keno Lottery Game Proceeds

Having selected your preferred numbers, you’ll hit the green button. The game then displays a set of winning numbers and matches them with your card. If you don’t want to select the numbers on your own, the game does that for you. Keep in mind that the selection and the winning numbers are determined by Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms.

Controlling the winners is next to impossible. Site owners, dealers, or players–no one can accurately predict the winner, regardless of the strategies you try. But if you want to try some insider tips to ensure a win, read ahead to know more.

You’ll Experiment with Small Wagers

As with any other online games, you might want to start small by wagering limited amounts. For instance, Rs.10 or Rs.20. Keep playing until you get a feel of the game, and then you can move on to experimenting with bigger amounts. Seasoned players also advise you to set a limit before starting.

This is the maximum amount you can afford to lose. Winning big money is actually easy when playing Keno, which is why it is easy to get carried away. Having lost a particular sum, don’t make the mistake of chasing the loss. Instead, wrap up for the day and try again some other time. Always remember to treat it like an entertainment channel and not as a money-making strategy.

Spread Your Selections Across the Board


Pick numbers from across the board and avoid selecting clusters in any specific area. Die-hard Keno fans believe that since it is a Chinese game, the principles of Yin and Yang should apply. So, possible winning strategies include clicking on random numbers spread evenly across the board.

Select Numbers That Are Not Declared Earlier

This strategy works on the premise that every number on the board will be selected eventually. So, seasoned players keep watch on the numbers that are being declared and select their winners by picking numbers that haven’t been declared yet. That’s how they play the probabilities.

Playing Multiple Rounds With the Same Numbers

Again, this strategy is about winning on probability. Players select their winning combination of numbers and hit the green or play button multiple times. But without changing their selection in multiple consecutive rounds. You might consider this approach similar to the previous one and assume that, eventually, the RNG will select the numbers not declared before.


Look for Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers

Depending on the particular casino app, the board might display some pre-selected numbers. These are the numbers that have been declared in the previous rounds. These are what you call “hot” numbers. The ones not marked are “cold” numbers. Again, the probability approach comes into play. You could consider betting on the numbers that haven’t been declared yet or the cold numbers. And bank on the possibility of them getting declared next.

Keno lottery is an exciting game of chance you can play online. Betting real money is always super fun, but you might want to take the time to play with virtual credits to understand how the wins and losses work. Understand the rules and get a feel of the game before you start playing for real. And don’t forget that the RNG picks out the winning numbers, and it’s all about the entertainment.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk