Jankos Will Not Play at Worlds: Trymbi and Fnatic in The LEC Season Finals

Jankos Will Not Play at Worlds: Trymbi and Fnatic in The LEC Season Finals

Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the team say goodbye to this year’s LEC season. Fnatic’s 3-1 victory ultimately eliminated Team Heretics from the League of Legends EMEA Championship 2024. Trymbi and the team secured a spot in the top 3 of the Summer Split. They also secured a place in the Season Finals and the fight for the World Championship.

The beginning of the meeting was not very kind to Black and Orange. The first blood given by Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus, the solo death of Óscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz, and the subsequent elimination of Iván “Razorek” Díaz contributed to Team Heretics’ early game momentum.

It only got worse from there. To the Heretics’ delight, Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié in the twelfth minute of the game had as many as four kills and several hundred gold pieces over his opponent. Although Fnatic tried to nibble, Jankos and colleagues did not leave them much space.

Team Heretics

Picking out two players in top lane allowed Team Heretics to capture Baron Nashor in the 22nd minute. Just when things seemed to be going well for the Polish forester and his team, an unfortunate fight in mid lane, resulting in the deaths of all five, allowed FNC to return to the game temporarily. This moment, however, did not last long. Just three minutes later, the Heretics brutally dismantled the enemy team and went straight for their Nexus.

The second clash started equally great for Team Heretics. Jankos’ visits in the top and middle lanes were successful, as was the skirmish in the lower part of the river. Although Fnatic managed to grab the first dragon, in the tenth minute of the game, Tomáš “Nightshare” Kněžínek’s players were almost three thousand gold and five eliminations behind. The ensuing fights, however, allowed them to regain some of their composure, claim the second drake, and grab a few single kills.

The real breakthrough came on the third drake. With Poppy’s Ultimate, Black & Orange grabbed the buff they wanted, knocked out three Heretic players, and went straight for Baron Nashor, taking the lead in gold and playoffs. In the 27th minute of the game, Fnatic could already enjoy Hextech Soul, and two minutes later another Baron, again thanks to the phenomenal disposition of their top laner. In the next team fight, Team Heretics had to give up their opponent’s superiority and give their lives along with the entire base, thus bringing the equalizer.

Game 3 started a little less explosively. Apart from a dragon taken by Team Heretics and a few summoner spells spent, not much happened on the map until the eighth minute. A trip to top lane from Vetheo and Mertai “Mersa” Sari, however, provided Jankos’ team with first blood on the Fnatic and Herold top lane. This in turn guaranteed bot lane priority and a second drake. The third beast ended up in the hands of FNC, postponing the possibility of the Heretics taking the soul.


Control of this extremely even game was taken by Fnatic almost evenly in the 20th minute. Depriving the Polish jungler of most of the health points allowed Black and Orange to get Nashor’s blessing, two eliminations and the next dragon. The other compatriot, however, could be proud of himself. Trymbi’s successful entry earned his team another fight win, another purple buff, and moments later another win.

The early stage of the game on map four went right for Fnatic for the first time. Razork’s first blood, as well as a phenomenal extended fight around the dragon and a good lane dive, resulted in a 1,500 gold lead for FNC in the seventh minute.

An additional advantage was the fact that most of it was placed in the pocket of their shooter. Team Heretics retaliated by subduing Herald and claiming some gold from the mid tower. While the Heretics didn’t even get close to the second drake, an extremely chaotic fight in bot lane at 15 minutes earned them three kills and a return to the game.

Another dragon also went into their hands. Team Heretics seemed ready to fight. Unfortunately for the Heretics, despite a phenomenal sleep from their toplaner and a reset scored by Jankos, no victory could be found.

Fnatic created more space for themselves and won the next skirmish, knocking their remaining opponents out. Then it went smoothly – the seized inhibitor, Baron and the next lives of Heretics players allowed Fnatic to end the game. In just over 26 minutes, the Oranges buried the dreams of Jankos and the company about staying in the game and going to the world championships.

The Schedule and Details of The Summer Edition of EMEA Masters 2024 Are Revealed

The Schedule and Details of The Summer Edition of EMEA Masters 2024 Are Revealed

LoL Esports has already published an article about the summer edition of EMEA Masters 2024. In the spring, people complained that the quarter-finals were scheduled for three days, so two overlapped.

This year’s schedule looks even worse. This time the quarter-finals will last even shorter, as only two days, so two days will overlap and you will have to choose what you want to watch.

The play-in phase, which again lasts four days with one day off, and the group stage scheduled for four days of games have not changed. The only good news is that the teams in the final will take a week off after the semi-finals to reach Montpellier for the final.

This is the exact schedule of the summer edition of EMEA Masters 2024:

  • Group stage play-in: August 14-15
  • Play-offs for promotion to the main phase: August 17
  • Group Stage: August 21-24
  • Quarterfinals: August 28-29
  • Semi-finals: August 31-September 1
  • Final: September 8
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Written by Alana Harrington