Keno Online for a Thrilling Gaming Experience


Do you enjoy online gambling to onsite ones? You have probably played many games ranging from slots, poker, sports betting, blackjack, and roulette. These games are fun when you get several wins in your attempts. The ultimate reward is winning the jackpot, which is quite challenging but worth the shot.

Besides these options, you can play Keno online for money rewards. You can withdraw the money to use for your financial needs. Most gamblers avoid playing Keno online because it does not have a strategy. Instead, you have to rely on luck to win.

So, How Different is Keno from Others?


You can play Keno with real money accepted in the form of US dollars or crypto-currency. You can try your luck at Casino Genie for a chance to win in this game. Before placing your stake, here is what you should know about the elements of the game:

  • Keno card: it is typically where you pick your playing numbers to try your luck. Most casinos run with approximately 80 boxes, each containing a unique number. The minimum you can pick is two, but mostly, 15-20 playing numbers are the minimum.
  • Paytable: it is a summary of the amount you can potentially win if you make many hits. Keno game rewards you in percentages instead of the number of hits you make.
  • Quick pick: it is an option that allows the automatic selection of numbers from the keno card. That is, instead of picking them manually, you can press the quick pick button to do it for you.

How to Play Keno Online


Now that you understand the game’s elements, let’s see how you can enjoy playing free online Keno with real money payouts.

First, you need to create a gamer’s account on sites that offer keno game. Then, deposit some money using your credit card or Bitcoin wallet. Registering on this platform is rewarding even before you start playing. There are welcome bonuses that you can use to play more games.

Pick the bet level you want to play. You can manually select the numbers or use the quick pick feature to help you choose. After picking numbers from the 80 boxes available, the next thing is to wait for the results.

Note that you can stake differently on the numbers you want to be put in the draw after choosing. For example, if you pick 15 numbers but do not want to gamble all, you can narrow them down to about 5 from those you have. You can then use $2 for each box and wait for the winners’ announcement in the draw. If you hit many numbers, you can enjoy huge wins.

Safety in Playing Online Keno

There is no fun in playing on a platform where you are left with security concerns about your personal information. To play free online Keno with real money payout, you need to use your financial information to deposit or withdraw the money.

If you do it on Casino Genie, you can be confident that the platform does not share your information with a third party. However, you should be watchful about your online safety because there are always people prying information online. Ensure you keep your pins and security codes private to you.

In addition to safety, the platform has encryption to its website to protect players’ private information.



Different houses have a specific payout percentage they deduct from your winnings. If you do not read the terms of service, you can end up thinking that your gambling platform is playing dirty on you. Unlike the slot games, Keno has a high percentage from 4% to above 30%.

It may seem a lot, but it makes sense considering your chances of winning are also relatively high. Instead of looking at the percentage and turn the game down, look at your winning chances, and try your luck.

Winning Tips


Although there is no specific strategy, you can make the right prediction by studying the pattern. That is, since a machine does the draw, you can check the numbers with a high winning frequency and start playing with them.

Another way is by using your money wisely. Do not stake huge amounts before you become confident in your playing skills in the game. If you lose, you incur little losses, unlike when you place huge bets.

What is stopping you from playing Keno online? Browse through the playing terms today and try it for a fulfilling change.

Odds of winning online keno


The odds of your winning the game depends upon the numbers that you choose for playing the game. The more the numbers you choose, the higher is your chance of winning. Although you cannot choose all the 80 numbers, you still need to go for the highest one.

The bitter truth about Keno

Most people play online casino games to earn quick money. It is a sort of gambling that increases your winning chance. The bitter reality about Keno is that its RTP is one of the worst among the various casino games. Therefore, if you want to play it for fun, go for it. But if you are looking to make money, you have to think twice. You can play it for enjoyment but not for lucrative purposes.

The legal age


Although the legal age of different casino games varies with the region you are living in. But for the gamers and gamblers of the United States, the legal age is 21 years. Therefore, if you are not sure about the legality of the game, you can check out the local laws of your country.

Rules and regulations of playing Keno


It is known as one of the simplest online casino games to play but there is a set of rules. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting into trouble, you need to be aware of the regulations. So here is a list of the key elements that you need to keep in mind.

  • The type of casino determines the selection of a number of numbers that you will choose. Keno board has a total of 80 numbers and you can choose from 15 to a maximum of 20.
  • There are also some casinos that limit the minimum numbers to 2. So you cannot play with 1 number when you are playing for real money casinos.
  • If you are playing the game in land-based casinos, you can only see the payout after the game starts. On the other hand, the online casinos show the payout with the start of the game.

Written by Marinelle Adams