Can you Wear Knee High Boots Under Jeans?

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Fashion is constantly changing, and this seems to be especially the case in the 21st century where change is happening faster than ever. Different pieces are constantly going out of fashion and then back in fashion, so it can be hard to keep track of what’s in trend right now and what you shouldn’t wear at all. That’s why many choose to stay true to proven evergreen combinations that you can’t go wrong with.

Jeans are one of the pieces that is always in fashion and you can combine it in a thousand and one ways. The same goes for knee high boots. Although this footwear is quite unusual, over the years it has proven that it is always in fashion and that you can always make it work. But how do you combine knee high boots with jeans and other garments? Can you wear them under jeans or is it a mistake? Find out below.

How to wear knee high boots with jeans?

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One of the best ways to combine your knee high boots with jeans is to wear them over your skinny jeans. This is a combination that always looks flattering and will make your legs look longer and more sculpted. If you are short, knee high boots over skinny jeans can also make you look taller. Of course, make sure to make a good combination of colors and styles, so that everything looks flattering and right in place.

What we have to mention here is that if you want to try the knee high jeans over jeans combo make sure that the jeans or pants are tight enough because otherwise things will not look good. Wide pants should be combined with other footwear, or even knee high boots under them if you can make it work.

When wearing knee high boots over skinny jeans it is important to pay special attention to the top or shirt you will be wearing. We suggest that the length of the top does not exceed the height of the hips to make everything look proportionate and flattering. However, the best choice is definitely to try a few different combinations and then decide which one is best for you.

Can you wear knee high boots under jeans?

So, to answer your question: can you wear knee high boots under jeans? This depends on several things. First, whether the jeans are wide enough to hide the upper edge of the boots. If the upper part of the boots can be seen under the jeans while standing or walking, we suggest you skip this combination, because it doesn’t look good. The same goes for wide pants that do not fit in style with boots. It is very important that the styles compliment each other so that your combination looks meaningful and effective. You don’t want anything in your combination to stand out too much. Also, we suggest that you avoid straight leg jeans, as they usually look bad with knee high boots.

The best option for jeans if you want to wear them over your knee high boots are flared ones, because they have enough space, so they allow you to hide the upper part of the boot. Make sure that the lower part of the boot, which is visible under the jeans, is appropriate in terms of style and color. In case you have knee high boots that are very tight, then you can probably make it work under a much larger number of jeans types.

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What other clothing items can you combine your knee high boots with?

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Of course, pants and jeans are not the only pieces with which you can combine your favorite knee high boots. There are also skirts and dresses that can make you look and feel feminine and sexy. And that is a feeling that every woman loves!

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Mini dresses and skirts paired with knee-high boots create a timeless and stylish combination. They exude a sense of confidence and playfulness, allowing individuals to embrace their femininity and showcase their legs. This fashion choice has stood the test of time, remaining popular across different eras and fashion trends. Whether it’s a flirty summer dress or a sleek skirt, when paired with knee-high boots, it adds an extra touch of chicness and allure to any outfit. The combination offers a balance between sophistication and a hint of edge, making it a go-to option for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.
Beyond their fashionable appeal, mini dresses and skirts have found utility in certain industries as well. In sectors such as hospitality, retail, and entertainment, employees often wear uniforms that incorporate mini skirts or dresses to convey a sense of professionalism and enhance the overall aesthetic. These garments can add a touch of elegance and create a cohesive brand image. Additionally, in industries where freedom of movement is important, such as dance or performance arts, mini skirts and dresses allow for ease of motion while still maintaining a visually captivating appearance. Their versatility and ability to adapt to different contexts make mini skirts and dresses valuable attire options in various industrial settings.

You can choose a simple black dress and then add a pop of color with your brightly colored boots, and vice versa. During the winter you can add a pair of tights that will help sculpt your silhouette and make you look more handsome than ever. Play with combinations of colors and styles and discover what you like best.

However, if you like to take some more risk when it comes to fashion combinations, you can even combine your high boots with midi skirts and dresses. While this is a bit of a bolder combination, it’s increasingly back in fashion, so you can’t go wrong if you go with it.

Lastly, what we definitely advise you to avoid is to wear your knee high boots along with maxi skirts and dresses, because it really doesn’t make sense, especially if it’s tight ones. The upper edge of the boots will be visible over your skirt and dress, forming a line, so you will definitely not be satisfied with your outfit. After all, don’t buy beautiful boots to end up covering them with a maxi skirt – you want them to be seen and admired!

What other shoes to wear with jeans?

When it comes to pairing shoes with jeans, there are several options beyond knee-high boots. One versatile choice is loafers. Loafers are a classic shoe style that can complement jeans in various ways. They offer a polished and sophisticated look while maintaining a casual feel. Whether you’re going for a relaxed or more dressed-up ensemble, knowing the history of loafers can be a great addition to your jeans outfit.

Loafers work well with different jean styles, including straight-leg, slim-fit, and cropped jeans. You can opt for a traditional penny loafer or explore modern variations such as tassel loafers or suede loafers. The choice of material and color will depend on your personal style and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.


If you are a serious fashionista, then you probably already know what makes sense to combine, and which combinations are totally out of style. However, if you are just stepping into the world of fashion and you do not feel comfortable making bold combinations, we suggest you stick to the proven ones. Skinny jeans and knee high boots over them are always a winning combo, because they look beautiful, and they can fit into both elegant and casual occasions. If you plan to wear knee high boots under jeans, make sure that the jeans are wide enough to cover the upper line of the boots, as well as to fit well into each other, so that everything looks as flattering as possible.

Written by Ana Weaver