4 Tips and Tricks to Make Parenting More Fun


When people become parents their whole life change. There is nothing more wonderful in this world than having kids. From the moment you got them, you are going to enjoy and share every single moment of their life, every success, every smile, every act of theirs. You are going to be there for them on the good and bad days. And, even though this can sound and feel overwhelming, at the end of the day, you are feeling blessed to have them in your life since they fill the emptiness we did not even know existed. However, as wonderful as raising children is going to be, it will require a lot of effort, work, and time. Every parenting goal is to raise their kids to become great and successful people that are going to be happy. Because of that, many parents are putting a lot of pressure on themselves every single day by thinking about whether they made the right decision or whether they did something wrong.

The truth is, it is not always easy and simple to be a parent and in fact, in many cases, parenting is going to be challenging and overwhelming. There are many cases where parents even get parenting anxiety and depression because the whole parenting affects them a lot. However, instead of trying to not make the mistake all the time, and making a big effort into staying a serious parent all the time, you should enjoy yourself with the kid. In the end, when they grow up they will not remember your mistakes, they will remember mostly whether you were a happy parent. If a child has a happy and satisfied parent, he is going to feel the same energy and be happy as well. If you start adding a fun element to everything you do for your kid while you are raising him and caring for him, parenting will become more cheerful for both of you. Therefore, instead of focusing on lecturing your kids all the time, try making parenting more fun by checking funny parenting advice on

Focus less on schooling and more on play


We understand that you want your kid to be good in school and to have excellent grades, however, you should not be so hard on your child. They are sitting in school and learn for up to seven hours each day. This is a very static activity that can make them overwhelmed. If a kid has a very strict parent that will make him feel that schoolwork is the most important thing in his life, he is going to be negative and express that in the house. Logically, this will impact your mood as well. That is why it is very important to start emphasizing play over the school when they are home.

This will help kids to have time to relax and enjoy their childhood with you. You can create different games in which both of you two can participate and spend time together. School is not going to teach your kids some very important skills such as becoming a great person, thinking outside of the box, becoming a better problem solver, thinking more creatively, etc. Therefore, you can make your parenting more fun by teaching your kids through different games to develop their own skills. They will be very proud of themselves and you will have the opportunity to actually have an engaging and entertaining time with your child and to find out more about them.

Be mindful


Do you want to make your parenting more fun? Well, watch your child and look up to him, no matter what age he is. This can sound a little confusing and funny. However, this is a very good tip. If you pay attention closely, your kid does not care about time. Instead, he is appreciating all the time he gets and enjoys every single moment. A kid of six years old or any other age does not worry about tomorrow’s schedule and what the next day is going to bring. Just like that, they do not worry about yesterday, or whether they should regret making some decision.

Kids are living in the present and parents should learn from them to do the same. Once you adopt that kind of mindfulness from your child, you will become a happier person. This will help you reduce the overall anxiety that you are experiencing as a parent and at the same time it will help you make a strong bond with the kid. Everyone is watching their kids, but do they really understand them? Try watching things from their perspective and you will see that your inner child is going to wake up.

Set a good example of self-care


Unfortunately, the truth is that most parents are feeling like they are having a highly stressful life and that it is out of control because they can not simulate some things. Because of that, they are putting a huge effort into providing their kid simpler life. Well, this is not a very clever decision. You can not control everything and care for your child so much, because the world is cruel and your kid will not make it when he gets older. Therefore, you should be free to show your kid how busy and stressful your life is.

At the same time, you need to show them how you are handling all of the things that you are faced with every day. This will be a good example for your kid to follow. They can learn how to deal with problems from you and to be peaceful even though they are in the middle of a life storm. Your parenting will be so much easier if you let your child experience some of the things you are going through as an adult. It can be fun to teach your child about solving problems because this will make you very proud.

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Pick activities that you love


One of the very important tips that will help you enjoy parenting and make out of it a fun activity is to include your kids in the things you love. For instance, if you love cooking, drawing, playing basketball, or anything else, you should include your own kid in your interests. Parents are making a huge mistake by doing only things that their kids love. There is nothing wrong with enjoying activities that you love. You will actually be surprised how much your enthusiasm toward some activity can influence your kid to become more inspired.

Written by Jihn Mill