10 Tips And Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Curling Wand


One aspect people think a lot about is how to style their hair. Some would braid their hair, straighten it, or curl it using a curling wand. People often style their hair at home by themselves on a daily basis. However, many individuals do not realize that they are making some common errors while curling their hair.

What Are The Common Errors To Avoid While Using A Curling Wand

Here we have mentioned the typical issues everyone should avoid while curling their hair.

Do not curl wet hair


Styling your hair when it is wet will cause more damage than curling dry hair. Ironing your hair, even if it is only slightly moist, will cause damage. Allow your hair to dry entirely, or use a blow dryer to dry quickly. Thus, you should make sure to dry your hair totally before you start curling.

Do not skip the heat protectant step

Between the iron tools and your hair, the heat protectant can function as a protection. Prior to blow-drying your hair, you can apply a wide range of solutions to dry or wet hair. Before you utilize any product, it is better to check the instructions to know if it is ideal for your needs and hair type.

If you want to use a curling wand at 400 degrees, a heat protectant that only safeguards up to 300 degrees will not be beneficial. It is best to wear a heat-protectant glove while styling with iron to keep your fingers extra safe.

Avoid picking wrong-sized curling wands

Curling wands are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3/8 of an inch to two inches. Get a curling wand with a diameter of less than one inch for ringlets. Acquire a barrel that is more than 1.25 or 1.5 inches for lengthy hair or more waves. You can get softly curled tips or beachy waves with a two-inch wand.

According to specialists, curling your hair with a barrel that is too large for your hair’s extent and thickness will not only be a tedious and time-wasting task. In addition, you would not even get the desired results. Rather than choosing a tool that is too big or too little for your hair length, get the barrel that is the correct size for your hair length. You can check this website to acquire high-quality curling wands in different models.

Using a narrow tool to generate rigid curls and brushing through to free them is a better approach to gaining massive and loose curls. If you have short to medium-length hair, use tools with a diameter of 1″ and less. Long hair and loose curls necessitate a barrel width of at least 1 1/4′′.

Using too much heat


Putting the temperature of the curling tool to the highest setting can be persuading. It is because your hair will curl faster when set at a high temperature. However, you will end up damaging the locks due to this. Using excessive heat in a short amount of time can cause severe damage.

Whether your hair is thick or thin, specialists suggest using the heat tool with a temperature below 400 degrees. The temperature of 270 to 300 degrees is better for fine hair types. Curling regular hair between 300 to 350 degrees is recommended. Use iron between 350 and under 400 degrees for styling coarse hair.

Do not add heat for more than 10 seconds

It is relatively vital to keep in mind that you should avoid holding the heat on your hair for more than seconds. If you do not follow this simple hair care tip, it might lead to lifelong hair damage. Also, ensure that each curl is held for an exact amount of time. If not, the waves will look different in length. It is good to hold your hair for about 15 seconds at 300 degrees rather than styling your hair at 450 degrees even for only 3 seconds.

Curling plenty of hair at once

Begin by parting small areas of your hair with clips if you possess very-thick tresses. It will prevent you from missing any regions and keep the hair still while you concentrate on specific areas. Begin with the lowermost layers and curl up to the crown.

Curling in the wrong direction

If you are not getting the exact look you desire, it might be possible that you are curving your hair incorrectly. You can achieve a more lovely, wavy look by curling far from your face instead of keeping towards it. Iron every section of your hair similarly to get your desired look. If you want, you can curl various regions of your hair in several ways to make them appear simpler.

Do not tug on your curls

According to experts, you must only hold the curl on the tool for five to eight seconds and no more. Once the curl turns cold, put it in your hand for another three to five seconds. Taking away the iron and allowing your curl to plunge or pulling your curls are both bad ideas. The waves will alter their shape as a result of this stretching.

Brush your hair and use hairspray for long-lasting results


You should wait and be patient until the curls have totally cooled before brushing your hair. Allowing your curls to become set extends the life of your hairstyle. Hairspray is vital to keep your style in place. Hairspray should be used after your hair has been styled to keep it smooth and fluffy.

Make sure to clean the curling iron

In order to prevent residue or dirt build-up in the crevices of the curler, you have to tidy it after using. When the curling wand is cold and disconnected, wipe off any product excess with the help of a moist towel.

Bottom Line

Make sure to avoid doing and repeating the above errors when you use a curling wand to style your hair. Be attentive to what you want, the direction you are holding the tool, your hair type, and the total temperature.

Written by Gin Telly