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Why Mobile Marketing Campaigns Are So Important for Your Online Business?


Since the advent of the pandemic, many businesses around the world have been forced to go online with their products and services. This sudden shift has caused businesses to change their marketing priorities from offline methods to online means that are more viable and relevant in today’s market.

According to Yespo, one of the largest multi-channel automation marketing solutions for businesses, it is necessary that businesses update their marketing plan to suit the online demands and requirements of their customers if they want to be ahead of their cutthroat competition.


One of the most effective ways to do so has always been introducing mobile marketing campaigns to a digital marketing strategy. These campaigns are known to have the largest reach in the world and can contact a number of consumers that can show their interest in your business. However, there are many online businesses out there that are still unaware of this fact and don’t know how important having a mobile marketing campaign for your business is.

If you too own a business like this and want to update yourself with the importance of mobile marketing, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will explain exactly what mobile marketing is, why it is so important for your online business and list several reasons why it is so effective. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

What exactly is mobile marketing?


As the name suggests, mobile marketing can be defined in extremely simple terms – marketing schemes and reforms directed solely towards mobile phone users. Smartphones have been crucial for the success and growth of mobile marketing and because of them, mobile marketing can be done in a number of possible ways for your business without any significant problem.

While mobile marketing started well before smartphones came into the picture on simple handheld devices, it wasn’t as advanced and effective as it is today. Considering that most people spend a considerable amount of their time on a smartphone, mobile marketing can be said to be one of the most effective forms of marketing out there, exceeding even email marketing ROI in some cases.

With more and more people using smartphones each day and an increasing amount of people spending a considerable amount of time on them, it only makes sense that your online business utilizes this to generate audience growth and sales revenue for itself. Smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s lives and this fact alone makes them an extremely viable marketing prospect for your business if you are able to pull it off reliably.

Are mobile marketing campaigns really important for your online business?


Since the pandemic has forced most individuals to work from home and stay inside the confines of their household, more and more people have started using their smartphones to do tasks that they did physically before. This includes shopping, reading articles, looking for products and services and even new opportunities.

As such, if your online business creates a reliable marketing plan that targets smartphone users specifically, you can be assured that you will generate a considerable amount of audience growth out of multiple devices. What’s more is that unlike other forms of marketing, mobile marketing is not limited to only one universal type. To maximize the potential of your mobile marketing efforts, it’s important to explore alternatives to Zyte, a popular web scraping tool, that can provide you with robust data extraction capabilities specifically tailored for mobile platforms.

According to your needs and services, marketing on smartphones can come in a number of different types and forms such as app marketing, in-game mobile marketing, search ads, and SMS. Each of these ads has the capability to target a specific demographic and provide them with lucrative ads that may force them to click on your business provided that you have a reliable marketing plan for smartphones.


For example, if you want to show ads for a wireless headphone, the best way to do so would be to contact social media apps and give them a small payment for showing your ads to only teenagers and young adults that you know will be the most interested in the product. Similarly, if you are marketing for a new gaming smartphone, you would want to utilize your mobile marketing to place ads about your product into various mobile games.

There are several ways that you can use smartphone marketing to the advantage of your business and ensure actual audience growth and sales revenue with the perfect type of consumers.

Reasons why mobile marketing campaigns are effective


As we discussed earlier, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and most individuals use them on a daily basis for communication, entertainment, shopping and even work. According to studies, an average individual spends more than 500 hours per year on their smartphones – give or take.

Businesses have already started taking advantage of this fact and almost 70% of all marketing budget is spent on mobile apps and advertisements that are created to target mobile users. There is also the fact that most individuals have started preferring their smartphones over their laptops or computers for online shopping.

Businesses that can utilize this by developing integrated mobile campaigns for guiding consumers from the introduction of their product to their sale can be assured extensive growth in sales revenue. Additionally, SMS marketing is proven to be much more effective and better than its other digital counterpart – email marketing.


They have a much larger opening rate than emails which means that the chances of your consumer opening a SMS you sent for them is much higher than checking their email. If you can create an effective SMS campaign and send them to the perfect type of people, you will have a marketing scheme that surpasses every other scheme in terms of growth, visits and revenue.

Finally, the single most important reason why mobile marketing can be the most effective type of marketing is that it targets a much larger demographic than other plans. When you are marketing your product for mobile users, you are potentially marketing for almost the entire population of Earth and that alone proves how much potential the plan has.



There are several reasons why mobile marketing campaigns are extremely essential for your online business and we hope this article helped you realize that. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

Written by Harold Yoder