Neon Sign Cost: Things That Affect The Price Of Neon Lights


How much does a neon sign cost right now? This question comes up regularly while discussing the neon sign buying process. Prices often range from $100 and more for the ranges. This also depends on various factors, some of which are listed below.

1. Main factors determine the cost of neon lights

How much do custom neon signs cost? The cost of custom neon signs is impacted by a variety of factors. If you’re searching for a neon light sign, consider these installation costs because they can add up.


How many letters or phrases you want will determine how much the neon sign price. As you need more words, the cost rises. Also, the cost will increase if you attempt to create elaborate fonts due to all the twists and turns involved in the manufacturing process.

In summary, the text on a neon sign can significantly impact its overall cost, with factors such as length, complexity, and quality all playing a role. When considering a neon light cost, it is essential to carefully consider the text and its impact on the final price of the sign.

Custom neon sign cost will increase depending on the letter


The most important aspect in determining the cost of a custom neon sign is its size. Your neon light cost will inevitably rise in proportion to its size. This is due to the fact that more materials and manpower were used in building and assembly, respectively.

However, the size neon sign can also impact its visibility and effectiveness as an advertising tool. A more prominent sign may be more visible from a distance, making it more effective at attracting potential customers. This can make a larger sign a worthwhile investment, even if it comes with a higher neon sign cost.

Neon sign price is also related to their size.


The complexity of the design can significantly raise the cost of purchasing a sign of this type. Complicated designs are more expensive, time-consuming, and complex to create. If you wish to customize your LED sign with personalized logos or images, the cost will go up.

Your neon sign’s graphic design could be far less expensive if it is straightforward and uncomplicated than if it is sophisticated. Also, the price may increase if you request more intricate color harmonization.

Neon sign cost rise in direct proportion to design complexity.


You can create your neon sign in any color with neon sign customization service.

There are a total of 25 neon colors available. 11 of them are white when the sign is off, and when it’s on, they change color. Jackets for the remaining 10 colors—the cover over the tubes—ensures that the color stays visible even when the sign is off (just not as bright).

2. How to make LED neon signs?


LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. LED neon signs are made using these little unique Light Emitting Diodes. They are grouped together closely on a strong plastic backing that may be twisted into the correct shape and cut to the required length.

LED lighting products are more compact and lightweight when compared to conventional neon lights. This new light source also emits a noticeable increase in brightness while consuming less energy.

LED neon signs are made from light-emitting diodes.

3. Custom neon signs price

Create your own text-based neon sign using the custom design tool Orant Neon offers. The very best custom neon signs will be delivered once every last detail has been completed. You can then proceed to the checkout page to complete your purchase.

Send your design through our form if you have an idea for a unique light, and our team of neon professionals will get back to you as quickly as possible with the best offer. As can be seen, various factors will affect how much a neon sign costs.

Submit your own design for the best price offer.

4. How long to produce a neon sign?

5-7 business days pass after the order is confirmed before a sign is produced. It takes an additional 3-5 business days for us to give standard free delivery to all countries when the manufacture is complete. Your sign will arrive between 12 and 15 business days after you place your purchase, or 10 to 12 business days if you choose express delivery for an additional $75.

Between 12 to 15 business days, your sign will be delivered.

5. The importance of temples in corporate advertising


Every business needs a well-made outside sign to give it a professional appearance. Whether you run a delivery business, cafe, salon, gym, or another establishment, putting a vibrant neon sign on your storefront is guaranteed to draw attention.

LEDs are renowned for using less energy and for being brighter. Compared to alternative lighting options, LEDs can offer an exceptional level of energy efficiency, using about 50% less energy than other contemporary signs.

Additionally extremely customizable are LED neon signage. You’ll always want to offer your firm a distinctive feel as the owner. By including a personal touch, you may differentiate your company from the competition and build closer relationships with your clients.

LED neon for beauty salon.

6. Great idea to decorate with LED neon


Using an original neon sign, make your bedroom come to life! Neon sign aesthetic will work whether you want a subtle touch to add life to your space or a contemporary work of art. Whoever wants to add aesthetic appeal to their bedroom will love this light-up item.


A neon sign is an excellent option to bring brightness and flair into your living area. Because neon signs come in various styles, you may choose one that complements your aesthetic. You can also come across signs featuring sayings or slogans you love.

7. Good Vide sign

Mini Party

Popular party decorations include neon signs. They give your event personality because they are vibrant and noticeable. Consider employing entertaining neon signs at your next party if you’re searching for a fun approach to spice things up. They can contribute to making your entire guest list feel happy and joyous.


Business neon signs easily evoke an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere. With these illuminated business signs, your company will undoubtedly shine as brightly as: tattoo neon lights, neon light for bars, cafe neon signs, hair salon neon signs, etc.

8. Neon lights for hair salon



With the help of wedding neon lights, you can have the idyllic wedding you’ve always wanted. There is nothing else like your love. You can bring home a piece of art that will endure long beyond your special occasion by immortalizing it in neon.

Last name neon sign for wedding

We discovered how much a neon sign cost in the article above. and some of the main elements that affect the price. As you can see, the final cost will mostly depend on size and intricacy. After all this, we’re confident you can locate a fantastic sign that is within your price range.

Warranty and Customer Service

When looking for a supplier to order custom neon signs, you may find that prices vary widely by brand. Sometimes, if you Google something like: “bar neon sign”, you can find lots of sites online where you can order the same design. But why is the price difference so much?

One important reason is that big and trusted brands pay to maintain warranties and customer service for after-sales support, why not other brands. Leads to many cases where customers choose to order the brand at a very cheap, unreasonable price and do not receive any response when contacting the brand to ask for support if there are any problems with the product. .

In our opinion, for a high-priced product such as a neon sign, we recommend that you double check the credibility of the brand before placing an order.

Written by Rebecca Eulikk