How to Prepare for a Dentist Appointment During the Pandemic


Covid-19 has surely changed the way we have been living our lives. We were asked to stay at our home in order to prevent any exposure to the infected people. However, despite every effort, the virus got its way and infected a lot of people. So when everything is changing, a visit to the dentist is no exception. Dentists were also asked to stop their working and treatments until May.

Therefore, they are now operating but by following certain regulations. Of course, the risk of getting an infection is still high at medical institutions. That is why the regulatory authorities have issued proper guidelines that you have to follow if you are going to a dentist.

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However, you still need to follow certain guidelines.

1. Getting your appointment


If you are having hurtful teeth, you will need to visit a dentist. But whether it is necessary to go to the dentist or not is something that you can determine. During the time of covid-19, unnecessary visits to medical practicing centers can bring you a lot of trouble. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to ask for a consultation from a dentist.

There are a lot of online platforms available. Moreover, some good dental service providers have online sites where you can talk with them and get your appointment.

Before confirming your time and date, the staff will ask you some questions. This is to make sure that you do not have to wait in rush. Furthermore, the clinical staff has to make sure that no infected person enters the clinic. Therefore, they will ask you questions about your health. So if you are ill or have any symptoms, you should tell them honestly.

Furthermore, the appointment timing is also adjusted to prevent any rush in the clinic. That is why you should go on your prescribed time. In addition to this, you should not bring a lot of people along with you. It is better to limit the surrounding people as much as you can. So if you have children, you should leave them at home or in the car. This is also for your and your children’s safety.

2. When you arrive at the clinic


All these things were when you are making your appointment. But there are other things that you have to take care of when you arrive at the clinic.

One of the essential things nowadays is wearing a mask. Although not everywhere, but where there is still a risk of infection, the governmental regulatory authorities ask you to wear a mask. So if your city or region is advised to follow certain precautionary measures, you better do so. Wear a mask, use sanitizer before entering the clinic and make sure to maintain the necessary distance from others.

After you reach the clinic, you must expect to wait outside. Dental treatments often take a long time so even if you arrive at your appointed time, you might still have to wait. And if there is a risk of rush, the staff may ask you to wait outside the clinic. So expect this and do not mind because everyone is only doing his duty to ensure everyone’s safety.

In addition to this, there are often items in the waiting room. The clinic will either remove all such items or will ask you to sanitize them. So there will be a sanitizer available in the waiting room. So if you touch anything, make sure to sanitize your hands as well as the item you touch.

And when you are resting on the dental chair, you will observe disposable sheets on various equipment. Furthermore, the dentist might also use some extra safety measures than usual. This is to ensure that you remain safe from the coronavirus. So to comply with the regulations of your clinic.

3. After the treatment


So now you are all done with your treatment and you need to go out. Do you think you are all done? Well maybe but not necessarily. You will go out of the clinic but use sanitizer before entering your car. And after you reach home, you should change your clothes.

Despite everything, you never know what’s going to happen. Therefore, if you observe any symptoms of illness, you should call the dental clinic and let them know. This will allow them to take precautionary measures. If there is anyone who came in direct contact with you, he must take extra care and observe himself for a few days.

4. Following the local guidelines


Every clinic has some regulations that they follow. They will either ask you about your credentials or will ask you to fill the questionnaire. There are some local guidelines like ADA and CDC and your clinic can follow anyone of them. Furthermore, before you enter the clinic, the staff will take your temperature to make sure that you are not ill.

Enhanced protective measures

If you are worried that the clinic is not well sanitized, you can ask them for an enhanced protective measure. This includes HEPA practice, using filters, and fogging. Furthermore, using air purifiers and window opening is also one of those practices. And after all, that, using hypochlorous acid to do surface disinfection is also one of the essentials of enhanced protective measures.

All these safety measures will provide you with the necessary safety. And if you are obsessed with the coronavirus, this will provide you with a sense of security and protectiveness. Thus, you will be able to practice good hygiene during your dental visits.

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Written by Marinelle Adams