Top 5 GTA V Mods: Instal the Endless Fun


If you’re playing GTA 5 on a PC, the greatest mods will help you get more out of the open-world game, regardless of how many times you’ve played it or how new you are to it.

You may have finished the base edition of Grand Theft Auto V because the game has been out for almost ten years. Apart from using GTA 5 hacks or playing GTA RP, mods can provide you with entertainment until GTA 6.

There are a multitude of mods to download and install, enabling you to play as new characters plucked out of other games, films, and TV shows, take control of NPCs, admire the Fivem graphics pack and much, much more.

The best part is that the list of mods keeps getting longer every day. There is now more time to play Grand Theft Auto V on the PC than ever. See our selections for the top mods and learn how to install them on GTA 5 by reading on.

How to Install GTA 5 Mods

You must download and install a few pieces of software to use mods. Additionally, remember that GTA 5 mods are exclusively available for PC players.

GTA 5 Script Hook V installation instructions:

  • After downloading Script Hook V, open file.
  • Move ScriptHookV.dll to the parent GTAV folder (the game is located in Steam/Apps/standard/Grand Theft Auto V if you’re playing it through Steam).
  • Repeat with dsound.dll – the Asi Loader – and NativeTrainer.asi.

How to Set Up the LUA Plugin for GTAV:

  • Unzip the GTAV LUA Plugin file and launch it.
  • Transfer the LUA.asi file and the scripts folder to the parent GTAV folder (just as you did previously).
  • Transfer the mod folders to the GTA folder now.

After completing that small task, you ought to be capable of installing any GTA 5 mod that we have enumerated below. Examine them and select the ones you would like to play with.

Top 5 GTA V Mods


Numerous modifications have surfaced to improve Grand Theft Auto V or alter its fundamental components. It isn’t essential why people use mods in Grand Theft Auto V; what is evident is that they give the game a new feel that would be otherwise absent. Even while modifying preferences vary greatly, some mods are simply the greatest.

1. Carmageddon!

Also referred to as Mayhem, you can probably imagine what happens when you activate the Carmaggedon mod, but just in case you’re curious, you can push a button to have vehicles blow up and fly all over the place.

If you try this one, be aware that the police will quickly find you.

2. GTA V Remastered

Even with its timeless visual appeal, Grand Theft Auto V is still a ten-year-old game. With the addition of realistic textures and a wealth of new environmental elements, GTA V Remastered: Enhanced breathes new life into the game and brings Los Santos and its surroundings into line with modern gaming standards.

This patch provides multiple versions of Grand Theft Auto V, satisfying the needs of players who want to improve their immersion in single-player mode or create a custom multiplayer server. You must select the version that best meets your needs.

3. VisualV


Among the most widely used GTA 5 graphics tweaks is VisualV. In addition, it functions as a host framework for additional mods and effects. The mod offers native ReShade and ENB presets by modders _CP_ & robi29. To improve the game’s looks, you can change many things.

In real life, Los Angeles serves as the model for the weather effects. There have also been corrections to the moon’s path and size. The mod has also enhanced other aspects, including lighting, fog, and shadows.

4. Prison Mod

Regarding law enforcement in Grand Theft Auto V, players are never shown what transpires before being apprehended and subsequently released from the police station. Though the game isn’t particularly renowned for adhering to judicial systems, it stands to reason that Los Santos has some court system.

This enigma can be solved with a prison mod that simulates incarceration when a player is arrested by the police in Grand Theft Auto V. This lets players explore the jail’s inside, engage with non-playable characters, and even try to break out. Even if players can choose to serve their time and maybe come out on the other side as a changed person, the excitement of a daring jailbreak is too intense to ignore.

5. Realism Mode

Since realism in video games is quite divisive, as fellow Rockstar title Red Dead Redemption 2 taught us, you will either love or despise this mod.

However, everything becomes realistic, as the name implies. Accordingly, you bleed when shot, you have to pick up weapons physically, cops are much more intelligent, and if you watch random people closely, they may drop their wallets!



The world of GTA 5 PC mods provides countless ways to improve your gameplay. You can find chaos, better graphics, or realistic gameplay with the modding community. This is the ideal time to explore the world of GTA 5 mods and revitalize Los Santos because fresh stuff is being introduced all the time. Please keep in mind that you should only download mods from reliable sites to guarantee a seamless gameplay experience. Now explore the world of GTA 5 mods; Los Santos is ready for your exciting new discoveries!

Written by Rebecca Eulikk