Reasons Video Streaming is Skyrocketing in Popularity


Technology has changed our ways of communication, entertainment, and accessibility. It would not be wrong to say that the internet is the prime mode of information, communication, and even entertainment in today’s world. With the rise of video streaming, more and more people have started ditching cable TV and shifted toward their favorite video streaming services. The amount of data that is being consumed on video streaming has jumped tremendously. This is the reason why we see the cord-cutting trend increasing day by day. It has also been possible because of the availability of high speed and reliable internet services. You can click here to find out more about some of the best internet plans that make a seamless video streaming experience possible. Apart from the easy access to faster internet, let us look closer at the reasons that have led to the immense popularity of the video streaming trend:

Maximum Convenience


Nowadays, we do not want to be bound by time-frames to catch up with our favorite pieces of entertainment. It is because we are already occupied in our busy routines that make it often impossible for us to follow the schedules of our favorite shows. This is why video streaming has become a game-changer. It provides you maximum freedom and convenience. You no longer have to wait to enjoy your favorite show. You can entertain yourself at any time or anywhere you want. Regardless of whether you are traveling on a train, sitting at a bus stop, dining in a restaurant, or are enjoying a quick lunch break at the office, all you need is an internet connection to stream your favorite show online.



Cable TV networks usually give limited options when it comes to channel line-ups. Though there is a wide range of cable TV plans available in the market, it is often unlikely to find all your favorite channels under one list and within your budget. This is where online streaming wins. You can access your favorite TV shows anytime you want. You can even download them to enjoy watching them offline in case the internet is not available. Another advantage is that you are recommended TV shows and movies as per your viewing habits and taste. So, with various online streaming services, you have better customization options, which complement your tastes and interests.

Greater Affordability


When you compare video streaming with cable TV, you realize that the former is more affordable. It will not be wrong to say that streaming platforms offer video-on-demand services at a much cheaper rate as compared to cable TV companies. Thus, the streaming pricing schemes are more attractive as compared to the expensive cable TV subscriptions. Cost is one of the main parameters that determine our decision regarding the choice of entertainment, after all.

Easy Access to the Internet


Nowadays, millions of people have easy access to the internet. The number of internet service providers and plans has increased more than ever. The internet speeds that were once only a dream are now practically possible. This altogether has resulted in the widespread usage of video streaming services and has made it more possible than ever for people to make the most out of it.


Gone are the days when you had to pay for hundreds of channels while watching only a handful of them in reality. What’s worse than being stuck in an elaborate cable TV plan you chose because of those twenty channels or so you were interested to watch? This does not apply to video streaming services, as they are more flexible when it comes to allowing customers to pay for only the type of content they want to watch.

Greater Use of Smartphones


People are no longer bound to use the internet over hardwired connections, rather the whole world has switched to smartphones and tablets for staying connected online. This has also made video streaming services more accessible than ever since you no longer need a TV set to access your favorite channels and shows. You only need the smartphone that you already carry with you at all times and internet access to enjoy video streaming on the go. Therefore, you can watch your favorite content or even download it if you want without any worry.

Wider Options


Another prominent benefit of video streaming is that a greater number of options can be availed. Nowadays, there are multiple platforms available for video streaming and a wide range of video streaming services in the market, each coming with its effective plans and exclusive content. As the video streaming industry is maturing day by day, we see the plans and offers getting better and cheaper. More business tycoons and innovative companies are heading towards this niche because of its tremendous growth and potential. This in turn has further resulted in a cut down of cost and better features.

Original Content


Another reason why people subscribe to the ever-popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Sling TV is the 24/7 access to in-house productions, original TV shows, and exclusive series that have become massive hits across the world. People find a far bigger variety of content ensuring never-ending entertainment on various video streaming platforms. Once you are hooked to any of these original shows, you cannot get enough of them along with the popular TV shows and movies that are always in the palm of your hand. So, video streaming has indeed far more to offer as compared to traditional cable or satellite TV.

Wrapping Up

Video streaming is indeed a rising trend and is expected to continue growing more than ever in the coming years. Faster internet speeds, better personalization options, easy access to reliable internet, and the availability of a wide range of streaming services have made it possible for people to make the most out of various streaming platforms while saving a good amount of money. Thus, the cord-cutting fever continues to rise with the advent of the video streaming obsession among the American viewership.

Written by Marinelle Adams